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The Best Sources for Laminated Business Cards

The Best Sources for Laminated Business Cards

Laminated business cards are a great way to ensure that your business card stays in great condition and doesn’t fall apart or become unreadable due to water damage or friction.  Laminated business cards can withstand just about anything and will still be easy to read.  There are a few places where you can obtain laminated business cards – and of course you can even consider the option of making them yourself.

The easiest way to get laminated business cards is to order them pre-laminated.  Your local print shop my offer this service as part of their business card products.  It’s best to call and enquire before you head down to place an order.  You may need to check a few places before finding one that offers laminated business cards.  If you can’t find them locally, or find that the prices are a bit too high, you should consider shopping online for your business card needs.  There are plenty of places that will print and ship your laminated business cards at a very reasonable price.

Shopping online for a very specific, custom item like business cards can be a bit tricky.  You will need to do some research and find trusted printers who will take care to make certain that your laminated business cards are accurate and you don’t wind up with a big package of business cards you can’t use because of printing errors or errors in using the online system to order the cards.  Luckily, there are a lot of great places to order laminated business cards online that have good, strong reputations and will offer a guarantee on all of their work.  Take some time to read the other customers’ reviews before you order so that you will know you are getting a good deal on good quality laminated business cards.  Also make sure you know what the return policy is and what the company does to ensure there are no errors, or to deal with errors that do occur.

Another option for laminated business cards is t make them yourself.  Most people don’t have a laminating machined around, and they are not usually worth the investment unless you do a lot of laminating.  Fortunately, 3M offers a business card laminating system that doesn’t use a machine.  The simple yo use business card laminating sleeves are available online and from office supply stores and are self-sealing.  They are affordable as well and easy to use, but might be a bit time consuming for those in a hurry.

High quality laminated business cards should be smooth and not have any air bubbles or other signs of poorly applied lamination.  When it comes to handing out something that represents you as a professional, you want it to be the best.  For this reason it is often worth paying a little extra to get the best quality laminated business cards you can locate.  When you hand out that business card, you want it to say good things about you, your business and your professionalism.

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