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The Best Sources for NAS Data Recovery

The Best Sources for NAS Data Recovery

Are you currently looking for a program or programs that can aid you in NAS data recovery?  Were you even aware that programs such as these existed?  NAS data recovery can be tricky without the right tools.  In fact, if you’re not careful, you could wind up losing your precious data altogether.  In this article we will briefly define how a NAS device works and show you some of the best resources for NAS data recovery.

NAS Data Recovery:  The Device

Okay, so what in the world is a NAS device?  NAS stands for network attached storage and these devices are rapidly becoming more popular for the function they provide.  Whether you plug a NAS device into your network router or directly into your PC, these handy devices offer a fast and convenient way to instantly increase your network storage on either a single computer or for the entire network without having to use another computer for storage.  Most NAS devices are equipped with massive storage capacities, in some cases as much as one terabyte.

Increasing the amount of data you can store without purchasing another computer is definitely an advantage from a cost perspective, but what happens when the data from these devices is lost or becomes corrupted due to a power failure, system failure or targeted virus attack?  Unlike USB devices where data recovery is relatively easy, recovering data from an NAS device poses more problems because of the way it’s made.  NAS devices with large storage capacities typically use what’s called “internal RAID” to achieve their massive storage capacity, and when this data becomes lost it takes a special kind of program to recover it.

NAS Data Recovery

There are many companies that offer NAS data recovery programs.  One such company is DiskInternals—a well-respected name in both NAS devices and data recovery.  This company offers three separate products, each more advanced than the next, and as you might guess, each more expensive than the next as well.  Let’s take a closer look at the three products:

  • Uneraser.  The Uneraser program is the least expensive option, but it is also fairly limited.  This program can only recover files and data from the disks which were tooled from the NAS device.
  • Partition Recovery.  Partition Recovery is slightly more advanced, able to do all the functions of the Uneraser program plus repair the system structures of the affected disks.
  • RAID Recovery.  RAID Recovery is the most advanced NAS data recovery program, and the most expensive.  This program can not only recover files and data from single disks, but also from the entire RAID array that makes up the device.

Unlike USB devices, where data can be recovered rather quickly and easily, NAS data recovery requires that you remove the hard drive from the NAS device and place it into your computer.  The data recovery program will then provide exact instructions on how the hard drives should be connected and the steps to follow to recover the data.

If you have recently lost data from a NAS device it can be frustrating to say the least, but rest assured that all hope is not lost.  With the right NAS data recovery program you can usually expect to recover a good portion, if not all of your data.

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