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The Best Sources for Zebra Wallpaper

The Best Sources for Zebra Wallpaper

Zebra wallpaper is a great way to add a touch of the wild size to any room.  Whether for a child’s room that has a wild animals theme or African theme, or for something fun and whimiscal in a family room or den, zebra wallpaper is an animal print that is both easy to match due to its black and white colors, and still adds a real pop to the room. 

There are two types of zebra wallpaper.  The first is the actual animal print itself, which will cover the walls with black and white stripes just like those seen on the zebra itself.  The second is zebra wallpaer that features images of the beautiful wild animal itself.  Some zebra wallpaper may also include other animals of the African wild such as elephants, lions or giraffes.  This is the perfect choice when you are looking to create an African safari theme that features not only zebras but has them as a part of the central theme.

Because zebra wallpaper is so intense and a very strong statement, you might want to consider doing a border of zebra wallpaper rather than doing entire walls with the print.  This is a great way to incorporate the colors and pattern without overwhelming the room.  It is also perfect for smaller rooms where a lot of patterned wallpaper would be too much.

There are a few places you can look to purchase zebra wallpaper.  The first is of course your local home improvement store or paint and wallpaper retailer.  The more specialized the store is, the more likely you will be to find the type of zebra wallpaper you are seeking.  Because it is not the most popular wallpaper, most large home improvement stores that carry a lot of different types of products will not carry zebra wallpaper.  A smaller store that specializes in wallpaper will be more likely to either have it or have access to it.  This type of retailer will be likely to make a special order on your zebra wallpaper in order to get you exactly what you are seeking for your room.

If you can not find the zebra wallpaper you are seeking in any local store, you can always look to the internet for a much larger selection.  Many sites have zebra wallpaper available that won’t be found in any local store and can stock a larger variety of options since they don’t have to worry about selling their entire stock locally.  This means the internet is a great source for hard to find decor items such a s zebra wallpaper.  You will probably also find it more affordable than special ordering locally.

Remember that ordering online always runs the risk that you will not like how it looks when it arrives.  Be sure you are aware of the retailer’s return policy before you order so that you are not stuck with wallpaper you don’t like and can’t return.  This way you will be sure to get the zebra wallpaper you are seeking.

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