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The Best Sources for Zombie Contact Lenses

The Best Sources for Zombie Contact Lenses

In the past ten to fifteen years, there has been a huge resurgence in the horror film genre. While these freak out films used to be marked by cheesy 80s production value, the new films are often amped up with better screen writing and some amazing leaps and bounds in visual effects.

Nowhere is this more true than with the repertoire of zombie films. Whether it’s the remake of the classic Romero film Night of the Living Dead or the British comedy spoof Shaun of the Dead, there’s little doubt that zombies are particularly in style right now.

For this reason, many people are looking to do accurate at-home recreations of those grizzly undead who always seem so intent on brain munching. Whether you’re looking for a Halloween costume or something to wear to your friend’s Friday night horror movie marathon, no zombie outfit would be complete without those terrifying zombie eyes. And for that, you’re going to need zombie contact lenses.

Even if you don’t need prescription glasses, there are plenty of non-prescription lenses that will alter your eyes into an eerie milky white or a terrifying bloodshot color.

The first place to look for zombie contact lenses would be Amazon.com. Tailoring to the costume crowd, these contacts can be purchased as a single pair with entirely white irises. They are sure to add that added bit of gross-out to your torn clothes and fake blood dribbling from the corner of your mouth. Before making any purchases, however, make sure to refer to user comments. Even if you’re only going to be wearing these contacts for one night of costume fun, you still want them to be comfortable. Keep this in mind before purchasing anything.

Another option is YouKnowIt.com, which features a wide array of novelty contacts. This includes some genuinely creepy zombie contact lenses. Fading out your natural iris color and replacing it with a white and grey tone, these lenses are also sure to give your costume that extra edge. As with other lenses, these are not prescription, and they can be ordered, therefore, without a doctor’s visit.

If you were hoping for a completely red eye, these zombie contact lenses can be acquired from 1800GetLens.com. As with the others, these are purely for novelty use and do not come with any corrective power. The red lenses do offer the added benefit, however, of doubling for future Halloween costumes. Whether you want to go as a zombie, the devil, or any number of beasts or monsters, these contact lenses will have you covered.

The last online option would only be for those looking to make a pricier purchase. For that, you can always check out CoastalContacts.com. This site features some very realistic, very terrifying bloodshot zombie contact lenses that can even be tailored to your specific prescription. But, as is so often the case, you get what you pay for. The cost is dramatically higher than other sites, but that means it’s likely the quality will be higher as well.

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