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The Best Topsail Island Hotels

The Best Topsail Island Hotels

The beautiful beaches of Topsail Island, North Carolina make it a popular vacation destination. Finding the best Topsail Island hotels for your travel needs is easy if you narrow down your choices. There are a few factors affecting you choice of hotel: your budget, who is travelling with you, how much space you need and of course the level of luxury you want in a hotel.

Topsail Island is only a 26 mile island, and therefore there are not a large number of Topsail Island hotels to choose from. With mostly small, locally owned motels, a vacation here is a quieter and more peaceful than many beach towns nearby, or anywhere in the country.

If you are travelling with pets, you might want to check out the dog-friendly Breezeway Motel. If you have a large family with you, the Sea Vista Motel offers large apartment-style rooms with a full kitchen and living room in addition to two bedrooms. Tiffany’s Motel is a somewhat larger hotel on the island, and is one of the top-rated accommodations of all the Topsail Island hotels available. The very private Sea Scape Motel is a much smaller place, with only 7 rooms.

These are a few of the available Topsail Island hotels, and each provides a somewhat different experience. Whether you are on a family vacation and need plenty of space, or a romantic retreat and prefer something quiet and small, there is a great hotel for you on this lovely island. Topsail Island hotels generally fall into a reasonably affordable range of prices, and with no large luxury resorts for competition, the rates can remain in a budget-friendly range. There is however some variety in the price of the rooms, and for a larger suite you can expect to pay more.

Enjoy the lovely beaches at one of these Topsail Island hotels for a perfect vacation!

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