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The Best Ways to Send Get Well Wishes

The Best Ways to Send Get Well Wishes

If you have a friend or a loved one who is currently feeling under the weather, or perhaps recovering from a serious illness or surgery, then you are mostly likely considering the best methods of sending them Get Well wishes that will not just convey your honest wish for their speedy recovery but will also help to cheer them up in the process.

Say It With Flowers

Flowers have long been the go-to option for sending Get Well wishes; there are many florists, both small at large, that can provide you with a recommendation on a lovely arrangement that will fit into your budget while helping to bring a little bit of cheer and color into the hospital room or home of your friend or family member. Flowers make the ideal option for a person who is in hospital, as nearby florists are generally quite familiar with the delivery practices each hospital has in place and let’s not forget how a lovely flower arrangement can help to brighten up an otherwise sterile looking and drab environment.

If you know that your intended recipient is an avid gardener then perhaps you could consider sending a live plant in lieu of flowers that will only last a few days.

Simple And Sweet

A greeting card that conveys a simple Get Well message can help to put a smile on the face of your intended recipient. There are many greeting cards available to suit a range of personalities – from cards with belly-laughing humor included (perhaps not the best option if your recipient is recovering from surgery!) to the more serene cards that include quotes, poems, or scriptures that may be found meaningful by your friend or family member.

Don’t forget to add a personal message to the card – a simple “I’m thinking of you” or “Speedy recovery, we miss you at the bowling alley” could just be the key to making your recipient feel much more chipper!


While etiquette experts may disagree, sending an eCard to a friend or a family member who is recovering from an illness or surgical procedure is a practice that is growing in popularity. As we become more of a global community, it can be a much faster method of conveying your Get Well wishes by selecting a suitable eCard.

If your intended recipient is a frequent internet user then an eCard containing Get Well wishes might actually be a better option than mailing a greeting card – it is certainly a much more eco-friendly option.

Edible Options

Consider sending Get Well wishes in the form of something delicious to eat – whether you send a selection of favorite chocolates, a fruit basket, or chicken soup mixes, there are bound to be options that can appeal to the taste buds of just about every ailing person! While many florists offer food gift baskets, there are also services that are dedicated to sending cheese and cracker selections and other gourmet food baskets. If you live close to your ailing friend or family member, consider collecting cans of chicken soup or making a fresh crockpot full of homemade soup – delivering it with your sincere Get Well wishes is sure to be appreciated!

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