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The Camper Mattress Guide

The Camper Mattress Guide

Camping is a fun family activity, but it is not quite as fun if you are tired becaues you can’t get a good night’s sleep!  Today’s camper mattress options mean that you will never have to sleep uncomfortably in your camper again.  The days of thin, hard camper mattresses are long gone.  When you shop for a new camper mattress you can choose from everything from memory foam to a full inner spring camper mattress made by a major mattress manufacturer.  You will sleep as well in your camper as you do at home in your own bed!

The type of camper mattress you choose depends on a variety of factors.  The first is of course the type of camper you have and the type of beds it offers.  Pop-up campers that have beds that fold out to the side do not usually allow for the use of a traditional mattress.  With this type of bed you will need to choose a camper mattress that is made of foam.  Memory foam makes an excellent camper mattress that is durable and comfortable.  For a camper mattress on a budget, basic foam mattresses are available in a variety of thicknesses.  A thicker foam camper matterss will give more comfort and support, but you should be certain it will fit in the bed.

Solid wall campers can usually accomodate any mattress you want.  If your camper has a queen size bed in a separate bedroom odds are good you can choose the camper mattress that meets you needs with few limitations.  A traditional inner spring bed mattress can usually fit onto the beds in these campers.  You can also choose to have a high quality memory foam mattress in your camper.  Be certain that the camper mattress you choose can easily be brought in through the camper’s doors.  Foam mattresses bend more easily, which makes them easier to get through a small camper door.  You should measure the entrance to your camper before you purchase a mattress.

For beds that fold up, you will need a camper mattress that can fold easily as well, or comes in several portions. These are more like chair cushions, but with today’s new technology they can be just as comfortable as any other mattress in your camper.  Just because it is both a couch and a bed doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable!

Remember that unlike your home, your camper is not quite as safe from the elements.  While today’s campers provide many of the comforts – and even the climate control – of a house, there are some differences.  A camper mattress will need to withstand more humidity than a mattress in your home.  For this reason you should choose a mattress designed for camping use and not a home use mattress.

Choosing a camper mattress is much like choosing a home mattress – it depends on personal taste.  Try out mattresses if you can before you purchase.  Look for a mattress that has the firmness or softness you need, and of course be sure to choose high quality to be certain that your camper mattress will last for a long time and let you enjoy the great outdoors rested and refreshed!

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