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The Complete Guide to 13 Inch Tires

The Complete Guide to 13 Inch Tires

There are a number of different applications for 13 inch tires, although most people who are in the market for this tire size are looking for tires for trailers, wheelbarrows and similar uses.  13 inch tires for the automotive market are becoming a rarity since cars today generally use much larger tires and larger wheels are becoming more in fashion for us on cars.  Still, some classic car enthusiasts still purchase and use 13 inch tires on their restored vehicles and there is an ongoing market for this difficult to find size.

13 inch tires for utility applications are much different from the automotive tires. Of course, they are designed to take far less weight and are also intended for a very different type of use.  13 inch trailer tires are the most similar to the automotive style in that they offer deeper tread and are intended for use on the road.  The tread types available on 13 inch tires vary all the way from completely smooth tires to deep tread that is used on doifficult terrain, as many smaller utility vehicles require.

13 inch tires are specialty tires that are not always easy to find.  Some hardware stores and tire stores may carry a small selection of tires in this size, but if you are looking for something very specific in your 13 inch tires you will probably have to shop online to get exactly what you want.  This is especially true of automotive tires in the 13 inch size.  Because they are so uncommon, most tire shops do not carry them.  Specialty tire retailers online will be your best bet for finding 13 inch tires for your classic car.  

There are a few tire manufacturers that continue to make 13 inch tires, and you can purchase these directly.  Pirelli Tires is one manufacturer offering a 13 inch option, and you can order them directly from the company’s website.  There are other large online tire retailers that sell this brand as well as others.

If you are looking for utility tires in the 13 inch size, you will want to look for tire retailers that specialize in selling tires for this type of use.  These are often farm suppliers and other utility vehicle specialists.  There are plenty of these online, but even locally you migh find 13 inch tires if you go a little further out into the country to locate the places where these types of retailers tend to set up shop.

13 inch tires are difficult to find but not impossible.  Thankfully, the internet has made it possible to locate 13 inch tires for almost any possible application with relative ease.  Whether you are trying to hunt down the perfect set of wheels for your restored classic car, or you just need new tires for your utility trailer or wheelbarrow, you will find that internet retailers can help you to access the right tires at the right price. 

Before you order 13 inch tires, be sure to measure and ensure this is the right size for your needs, as you don’t want to have to return them.

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