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The Complete Guide to a Two Year Nursing Degree

The Complete Guide to a Two Year Nursing Degree

To get started with a great career in nursing, a two year nursing degree is the right place to set your sights.  A two year nursing degree is an associate’s degree in nursing, and can be the stepping stone to further education in the field, or provide a great career on its own.  Getting your two year nursing degree will allow you to get out in the field and start working directly with patients.

A two year nursing degree allows you to sit the exams and apply for licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN).  This license will increase your earning power and provide you with the ability to work in a variety of medical environments.  Registered Nurses can work in hospitals, medical clinics, private practices and home care as well as many other areas.  It is a solid career with a lot of demand that is expected to continue to grow.  With your two year nursing degree you are guaranteed to be able to find a job in any city anywhere in the country with very little difficulty due to the demand for nurses.

You can obtain a two year nursing degree at just about any community college or four year college that offers nursing programs.  If you want to, you can also continue your education and go on to obtain your bachelor’s degree, which is a four year nursing degree.  However, the two year nursing degree is sufficient to allow you to go ahead and start working in a medical environment.

A two year nursing degree should not be confused with a nursing diploma.  Although the diploma program also takes about two to three years to complete and also qualifies you to work as a Registered Nurse after passing exams and licensing, it is not a degree.  This means that it can not count towards pursuing your bachelor’s degree should you choose to go forward with that further education.  The two year or three year nursing diploma is a good choice for those who do not plan to pursue further education, but if you want to keep your options open, you should consider getting a two year nursing degree instead.

A two year nursing degree is more advanced than the one year programs that are available to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse, or LVN.  This program lasts about a year and is the fastest way to get into nursing.  Licensed Vocational Nurses however can not perform many of the tasks that Registered Nurses can, and they make less money.  If you are trying to decide between the two programs, adding the extra year of education will provide you with better earning power and also more job options.  A two year nursing degree expands your job possibilities far beyond what Licensed Vocational Nurse training can do, and it also leaves you the option of seeking a four year degree as some point.  

For those who want a great career but don’t want to be in school forever, a two year nursing degree is the perfect choice.

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