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The Complete Guide to Applebees Fundraising

The Complete Guide to Applebees Fundraising

If your organization is looking for a fun way to raise donations for your causes then you should consider looking into Applebee’s fundraising. Applebee’s offers two fundraising programs for organizations to select from and, with locations all over the country, you are sure to find one near you. Also known as the “Dining To Donate” program, this type of fundraising event is a fun and an easy way to raise much needed funds for your charitable organization.

How Dining To Donate Works

Before you sign you group up for a Dining To Donate evening, you should have a thorough understanding of how the program works. It could prove to be incredibly frustrating for you, your organization, and the Applebee’s representatives if you do not understand how it will work.

  • Contact your nearest Applebee’s to find out if they participate in the fundraising program; if they do not then they should be able to point you in the direction of one of the restaurants that does support the program. Try to select the Applebee’s fundraising restaurant that will be centrally located to the majority of the guests that you intend to invite. The easier that the location is for your guests to get to, the more guests you are likely to see attending.
  • Provide the details of your organization to the Applebee’s event manager and also select the dates and times that will best work for your event. Remember that, in order to make the event as successful as possible, you should schedule your event out at least two weeks in advance. This will allow you plenty of time to organize the event, advertise the event, and to ensure that you will have a good headcount for the event.
  • Some Applebee’s fundraising events revolve around a fun private breakfast event, or a sectioned off fun lunch or dinner event. Be sure to find out which options are available to you and which options will work best for those you invite to attend. A waffles and pancake breakfast could be a smash hit with families who have small children, while a nice dinner event could be the preference for a group of adults only. Think carefully about the people who will be in attendance and make your choice based upon their preferences.
  • You will be provided with an invitation template that Applebee’s Fundraising team have created for their Dining To Donate fundraisers. Be sure to use this invitation to spread the word about your fundraising event! If you prefer using your own invitation template then do so; the most important part about your fundraiser is that you spread the word to those who may be able to attend and donate towards your cause.

At the end of the Applebee’s fundraising night a portion of the money spent on your overall bill will go towards your non-profit organization – excluding, of course, taxes and any gratuity. While 15% might not seem like a lot of money, when it comes to raising funds for your group, any little bit can go a long way towards making a difference.

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