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The Complete Guide to AWD Vehicles

The Complete Guide to AWD Vehicles

No matter what your needs for all wheel drive, you have a wide variety of choices.  Today AWD vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller compact cars up to full size SUVs and everything in between.  Whether you are worried about winter driving or plan to do a little off-roading, AWD vehicles let you grip the road better and make it to your destination safely.

AWD vehicles were once the realm of the off-roader and the technology was only found on Jeeps and similar types of vehicles.  Today there are a number of car companies who have adopted the technology for use on almost all of their cars.  Both Subaru and Audi are car companies well known for producing a wide variety of AWD vehicles, and even their sportier models have the technology.  Today’s drivers like having the stability on the road that AWD vehicles can provide, and they sell very well in many markets across the country.

Of course, for those still dedicated to going off road, the most popular AWD vehicles are SUVs and trucks.  These offer not just the all wheel drive capability, but also the height and clearance under the vehicle to get over rough terrain.  Driving off road is not generally advised on smaller vehicles even if they do have all wheel drive.  Remember that before you take your vehicle off road, you should have a some experience or training in that area.

Today, AWD vehicles even include family vehicles such as mini vans, and smaller SUVs and crossovers.  Popular models from major manufacturers such as Honda are selling well with parents and there seems to be a continued trend towards added all wheel drive to more and more types of cars.  While the average driver does not need the traction provided by AWD vehicles on a daily basis, it does provide the option when it is needed.

Some AWD vehicles have a system that allows the vehicle to operate in either front or rear wheel drive most of the time, and then kicks into all wheel drive either automatically as needed or when the driver changes it.  This can make a big difference in gas mileage as AWD vehicles tend to be hard on gas.  For most people, a system of all wheel drive that is available only when needed is an excellent choice.

One of the most popular types of AWD vehicles in recent years have been wagons such as the Subaru Outback.  The small size combined with the all wheel drive make them perfect for those who want to go hiking, biking or camping in remote locations.  They also double as a small family car.

AWD vehicles are likely to grow in popularity as the technology is easier to apply to all sorts of vehicles.  Many drivers feel safer in an all wheel drive car, and this has led to the increased sales of these vehicles.  Whatever your needs, daily or on the weekend, there is an all wheel drive car that is right for you.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Glucker.

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