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The Complete Guide to Cellulite Surgery

Cellulite is a type of fat that appears under the surface of the skin and creates a lumpy look that most women would try just about anything to get rid of.  Cellulite surgery is one of the most extreme measures one can take to get rid of cellulite; it is also the method that is most likely to get truly good results.  While there are plenty of simpler and less expensive cellulite treatment options on the market today, most of them do very little if anything at all.  Cellulite surgery actually removes the fat deposits from beneath the skin, which is something that no cream is capable of doing.

There are a couple of types of cellulite surgery, but the most popular and generally the most effective is liposuction using a tiny tube, or cannula, to remove the fat that is causing the lumpy appearance. Although liposuction was once considered to be an ineffective method of getting at the lumpy deposits of fat, this type of cellulite surgery is now more popular than ever thanks to advances in the procedure that have made it far more effective.  Tumescent liposuction uses a very tiny cannula and very small incisions in the skin, reducing the risks of scarring and allowing the procedure to be far more precise.

Laser cellulite surgery is another advance in modern cosmetic surgery that allows cellulite to be removed easily.  In this case a laser is used in place of the cannula to make the tiniest possible incisions and remove the fat from beneath the surface of the skin.  This procedure is swiftly gaining popularity due to the reduced downtime and relative ease of the surgery itself.  Laser surgery is a growing field and its use in cellulite surgery is becoming one of the most popular choices.

There is another type of cellulite surgery that is more involved and requires truly going under the knife.  It involves the surgeon stretching the skin tighter across the surface where the cellulite is present in order to create a smoother look.  This procedure has more risks than the other two and is usually only used in extreme cases today, since new methods are now providing excellent results with less risk and less recovery time.

Having cellulite surgery is a big decision; the procedures are all very expensive and the all come with some risks.  Although most people do see good results, it is important to remember that removing cellulite is very difficult and you might not be completely satisfied with the results, even after spending a lot of money on cellulite surgery.  Sit down with your cosmetic surgeon and discuss all of the surgery options as well as their risks and the results you can realistically expect to get from each.  This will help you make a truly informed decision.

Cellulite surgery has greatly advanced over the years and now offers better results than ever before.  For the millions of women who are struggling to get rid of unsightly cellulite deposits, cellulite surgery is an option well worth looking into.

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