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The Complete Guide to Cushman Scooters

The Complete Guide to Cushman Scooters

Cushman Scooters are series of motor scooters built between 1936 and 1965 by Cushman Motor Works headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska.  These scooters now have a popular following and enthusiasts abound across the nation.  Although Cushman scooters are now longer in production, they continue to inspire new fans and are bought and sold much like classic cars.  Parts for Cushman scooters are a big business and are sold by a number of vintage auto and motorcycle parts companies as well as those specific to scooters.

Cushman scooters got their start during World War 2, when they were used by the military.  Cushman even created an airborne version of their motor scooter that could be dropped via airplane using a parachute for use on the ground below.  From this military beginning, Cushman scooters began to make progress in the civilian market, and several popular models were created throughout the following years.  

One of the most popular models of Cushman scooters was the 50 Series step through scooter, which was manufactured by the company from 1949 through to 1963.  In 1950 the company introduced the Cushman Cast Iron Eagle, which was another very popular model and sold well through all of its production years.  This model line was expanded to include the Super Eagle in 1959 and the Silver Eagle in 1961.  Many of these models and other Cushman scooters as well are still on the road today thanks to the care and maintenance of people who have a true admiration for the scooter.

After 1965, Cushman scooters were no longer produced, but the Cushman Motor Works brand did not come to an end.  The company continued to make specialty vehicles, including golf carts, turf care products and many others.  But it remains the Cushman scooters for which the company is best known, and these are the vehicles that have inspired the greatest interest and following.

Today, those who are interested in Cushman scooters will join a large community of enthusiasts who can help them to obtain scooters, parts and also to repair and restore Cushman scooters.  The Cushman Club of America is a great place to start if you want to learn more about Cushman scooters or if you are an enthusiast seeking others like you with whom to discuss Cushman scooters and exchange information and advice.  The Cushman Club can also help you to find dealers still selling Cushman replacement parts and hook you up with the people who can help you to get the work done.

Cushman scooters are not as easy to find as they once were, since their age means many of them have been retired from the road.  There are a number of places to buy Cushman scooters, however, most of them through private parties or dealers in classic motor scooters and motorcycles.  Auctions are another great place to get you hands on the Cushman scooter of your dreams.  It make take some time and shopping around to find the model you are seeking, but with the assitance of other Cushman enthusiastsm it is almost always possible.

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