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The Complete Guide to Hazel Contact Lenses

The Complete Guide to Hazel Contact Lenses

Do you love the colors of your eyes? Do you often get compliments on your eye color? If not, perhaps you should consider purchasing colored contact lenses as this is an easy way to enhance and even change your facial features in a remarkable way. No matter what your current eye color is, one of the most popular colored contact lenses to wear is hazel contact lenses.

No longer only for people who need vision correction, colored hazel contact lenses can be worn by anyone. Hazel contact lenses compliment every complexion from light to dark, and every natural eye color from pale blue to rich brown shades.  If you merely want hazel contact lenses only to alter the color of your eyes, then you can easily choose to wear Plano hazel contact lenses as these are non-prescription contact lenses that do not correct your eyesight.

However, if you are specifically wanting to purchase hazel contact lenses to not only change your natural eye color but also to help you see better, then you will most definitely need to purchase hazel contact lenses that have a prescription strength. Determining your unique prescription strength is quite easy – all you will need to do is pay a short visit to your local eye doctor or ophthalmologist. Your doctor will perform a painless eye exam and will test the strength of your eyesight. From these tests he will be able to determine what your exact requirements are when it comes to contact lenses. With this information, you can then order a pair of hazel contact lenses in your desired prescription strength. You can either ask your eye doctor to order a pair for you, or you can do an online search and order hazel contact lenses from a reputable retailer online. These retailers will ask you to provide them with your prescription strength so that they can create and send you hazel contact lenses that will not only make you look great, but that will also help you to see better. Most every supplier of hazel contact lenses has a fully equipped laboratory that can create any prescription strength contact lens.

Hazel contact lenses are available in three distinct styles: Enhancement Tints, Visibility Tints and Light Filtering Tints. These styles all offer a unique perspective for the contact lens wearer and deciding upon one will be purely a personal choice. In addition, hazel contact lenses can be purchased as either disposable contact lenses that are only good enough for a one time use, or they can be purchased to be worn for a maximum of thirty days. If you choose to purchase hazel contact lenses that are designed to be worn for longer than a day, do not forget to also purchase a bottle of contact lens solution so that you can take proper care of your hazel contact lenses whenever you are not wearing them. Unlike the contacts themselves, contact lens solution can be purchased from your local drug store or super market.

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