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The Complete Guide to Italian Greyhound Puppies

The Complete Guide to Italian Greyhound Puppies

If you have fallen in love with Italian Greyhound puppies you may be wondering about the best training methods to ensure that your puppy grows into a well-adjusted and well-behaved wonderful addition to your family. If you have adopted a retired race dog you will find that there are several differences between puppies and the adult dogs they grow up to be.

Puppy Proofing

As with any curious youngster, Italian Greyhound puppies need to be constantly supervised in order to ensure that they don’t get into areas and items in your home that could prove to be dangerous. This means that you need to carefully puppy proof your home by using safety gates to block off areas that you do not want him to wander into or use them as a method of keeping him sequestered in a safe area.

If you have stairs in your home consider putting safety gates up to keep your puppy from falling down the stairs – remember that you may need to teach him how to walk up and down the stairs in your home.

Keep your shoes, and other personal items picked up off of the floor and put away; not just to protect your personal items but to also ensure that your puppy doesn’t choke on a piece of leather he has ripped off of your favorite pair of boots.

Puppies chew out of boredom and out of curiosity, so in order to keep your Italian Greyhound puppies from chewing on things that are unsuitable it is important that you provide him with a variety of his own toys.

Effective Training

When brining home Italian Greyhound puppies it is important for pet owners to start the immediate process of training their dogs. From housetraining to leash and obedience training – a well-trained dog is a dog that will be a much better fit into your home.

It is important to never strike out or yell at your dog, instead opt for a different training method that will convey your message in a relatively harmless manner – a spray bottle filled with water can be an excellent training tool.

Sign up for obedience classes and work tirelessly towards ensuring that yours is a well-training dog that you can trust and be proud of.

As another great training method, consider crate training your dog, Italian Greyhound puppies are incredibly curious and are very likely to wander your home in search of new adventures of they are not effectively contained – a crate can be a very valuable training tool to help keep your home and your puppy safe.

Burning Energy

Italian Greyhound puppies have an amazing amount of seemingly endless energy; to keep your puppy from need to burn pent up energy in negative behaviors, he will need to get a lot of exercise. If you take your puppy to a dog park to play be sure that you keep him on leash until he is in the secured area – once inside the secured area you will be able to see just what makes these dogs ideal for racing. Their speed and agility is incredible, and best demonstrated in a safe environment.

If raising Italian Greyhound puppies seems like a task that you will find overwhelming then consider adopting an older dog or a retired racing dog who will make an excellent family companion without the hassles of training and raising a rambunctious puppy.

Photo courtesy of madaise.

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