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The Complete Guide to Magic Help Desk Software

The Complete Guide to Magic Help Desk Software

Magic Help Desk software has been for many years one of the most popular choices for small to mid-sized business to provide help desk services to their clients on a budget.  The original company that created the Magic Help Desk software was Magic Solutions, also responsible for the well known SupportMagic.  In 1997 computer security company McAfee bought the help desk systems from Magic Solutions, and eventually it was again transformed into it’s current incarnation under BMS Software, which purchased the Magic Help Desk software in 2004 and renamed it BMC IT Service Support for the Midsized Business.

Magic Help Desk software allows companies to create and track tickets and follow up on customer support issues easily.  It saves time and money and allows businesses of all sizes to have an affordable and easy to use option for handling customer help desk issues.  Today’s version of the original Magic Help Desk software provides an up to date option that is just as simple and straightfoward to use as the original was.  Because Magic Help Desk software is designed for the use of midsized and smaller companies, it provides everything that a business of that size needs in a help desk system without becoming too complex, making it just right for businesses that are not too large.

In addition to the new and improved version of the Magic Help Desk Software, BMC offers an entire suite of complimentary products that will assist the mid-sized business to achieve the smoothest handling of customer help desk issues and increase customer satisfaction.

Magic Help Desk software follows an intuitive path of ticket flow that makes it easy to keep track of what actions have been performed, which help desk tickets remain open and require follow up, and which tickets can be closed.  It also makes it simple to have help desk tickets assigned to the appropriate employee and provides an easy method of tracking which ticket has been assigned where.  Magic Help Desk software will allow your company to handle more help request tickets in a quicker time frame and keep customers satisfied with your response time and handling of troubleshooting issues.

Magic Help Desk software is now part of the BMS Software’s customer support package that is aimed at smaller to mid-sized businesses.  Before you settle on this software, you should consider the other options that are on the market and make sure this software provides everything that you need – as well as that it is not too much software for your needs.  The right help desk software should make your company run more smoothly rather than cause more confusion and difficulty.  Make sure that what you select is not overkill for the size of your company and the number of help desk tickets you expect to deal with on a regular basis.

Magic Help Desk software has been one of the best on the market for many years and may very well be the right choice for you.  Take your time comparing and contrasting the choices that are out there before you make a final decision.

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