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The Complete Guide to Mendota Insurance

The Complete Guide to Mendota Insurance

Mendota Insurance Company is an auto insurance company based out of Eagan, Minnesota.  It is a subsidiary of Kingsway Financial Services, a well known name in the property and casualty insurance market.  As a Kingsway company, Mendota Insurance has the financial backing of a major player in the industry while still retaining the feel of a smaller insurance company.  Mendota car insurance policies are aimed at the specialty insurance market much as Kingsway is, making them one of the biggest competitors in the area.

Using a strong internet based system known as Mendota Max, the Mendota Insurance company aims to provide a good experience both for agents and for their customers.  Independant insurance brokers can become Mendota agents and offer the products to their customers, and new agents in the insurance industry can also start out selling Mendota products.  With the competitive pricing system and the specialty niche opening up, this provides a great opportunity for agents to grow a business while providing an underserved market with new insurance choices.

The specialty market to which Mendota car insurance policies are often directed includes those drivers who have had difficulty obtaining affordable insurance in the past due to problems with their driving record or lack of continuous coverage over time.  The policies available from Mendota Insurance help them to obtain the coverage they nee din order to drive legally without making it impossible to afford the premiums.  Mendota Insurance provides simple payment plans and low down payment options to make sure anyone can get the financial responsibility fo driving covered within their budget.

Mendota car insurance policies are available to all segments of the market and not only those with troublesome driving records or a difficulty keeping coverage in force.  The company offers a full range of coverage options that goes well beyond the basics.  Ful comprehensive and collision coverage as well as rental car coverage, roadside assitance and uninsured motorist coverage choices can be added to any policy.  Any driver looking to save on car insurance and be backed by a strong company at the same time can get a policy with Mendota Insurance.

Mendota Insurance offers online services to their customers including claims reporting and online payment of policy premiums.  You can also visit a local agent in person or call the toll free number for quotes, questions or claims issues.  Customers can contact the company in multiple different ways to ensure service is available whenever it is needed.  Your Mendota Insurance agent is your personal liason to the company and there to provide personal service, but you can also access the company after business hours when needed.

Mendota car insurance policies offer competitive rates that are making the company one of the more popular choices in the niche as well as with drivers who have good driving records.  As part of the Kingsway company, Mendota Insurance expects to see more growth in both areas.  As more agents sign on to work with Mendota, it will become even more accessible to a wider customer base.

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