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The Complete Guide to Nioxin Scalp Treatment

The Complete Guide to Nioxin Scalp Treatment

Strong, thick healthy hair is something everyone wants, and the Nioxin scalp treatment hair care system is one of the few on the market that recognizes that this begins at the root of the hair – at the scalp.  Nioxin scalp treatment is designed to help you grow thicker and healthier hair right from the root.  By taking good care of the scalp, you take good care of the hair that grows there, and the result is the healthiest hair you have ever seen!

How the Nioxin Scalp Treatment Works

Nioxin scalp treatment is not just for the scalp, but for your hair as well.  The focus is on clearing away sebum, dirt and oil from the scalp in order to let the hair grow as it should.  Excessive sebum on the scalp can have two different results; it can cause oily, greasy hair, and it can also cause a dry, itchy scalp.  Nioxin scalp treatment helps to clear away that extra sebum without taking away the natural moisture and oils that the hair actually needs to grow healthy and strong.  But that isn’t all the Nioxin scalp treatment system can do for you.  There are four more benefits aside from removing excess sebum that Nioxin has identified; these are the goals of each of the varied Nioxin systems.

Hair Breakage

Breakage is a common symptom of dry, over styled or damaged hair.  Nioxin scalp treatment systems designed for this type of hair include the BioAmp system, which strengthens the hair cuticle and helps to prevent breakage.  If you notice a lot of hair on your brush or when you shower, this could mean your hair is breaking because it is weakened.  Using the Nioxin system will help to reduce this problem and prevent breakage.  

Thinning Hair

For those with thinning hair, whether due to age, genetics, or a hormonal fluctuation such as that following a pregnancy, the Nioxin scalp treatment system can help.  The Scalp Access therapy in the Nioxin systems for noticeably thinning hair are designed to create a fuller, denser look to your hair and keep that thinning look at bay.  Denser hair covers the scalp more thoroughly and prevents that part in your hair from widening.  The treatment of the scalp is key to making sure that you hair is the thickest it can be and to stop the thinning process.

Textured Hair

The Nioxin SmoothPlex system is designed to smooth the hair cuticle and improve the texture of your hair.  This system is especially helpful for those with naturally curly or textured hair, which is prone to breakage and damage.  Preventing frizz and keeping hair beautiful and manageable are the goals of this area of the Nioxin scalp treatment lineup.

Color Treated Hair

Nioxin even offers a system for treating colored hair, strengthening it, reducing split ends and restoring it to health and vibrancy.  Whichever Nioxin system you choose based on your hair type, you will see the benefits of treating your hair from the scalp down, letting it recover naturally as it grows while also treating the existing hair to make it look a lot better sooner.

It is often easy to forget that the scalp is skin too!  While we are careful to take good care of the skin on our faces and the rest of the body, the scalp is often forgotten.  Nioxin scalp treatment systems treat the scalp as an extension of the skin on the face, and give it the care and nourishment it needs in order to be healthy and in the best condition to help the hair grow strong.  Nioxin scalp treatment products are designed to improve not only the hair shaft, which is what most hair products focus on, but also the hair follicle that is located beneath the surface of the skin.  Paying close attention to the structure of the hair makes it obvious that truly healthy hair can only be found by treating it right from the root.

Each Nioxin scalp treatment system comes with three products to deliver the best in scalp and hair care.  These are the cleanser, the scalp therapy and the scalp treatment.  If you aren’t sure which of the many choices is right for you, you can use the assessment tool right on the Nioxin website to help you choose the correct Nioxin scalp treatment for your hair.

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