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The Complete Guide to Ohio Motorcycle Insurance

The Complete Guide to Ohio Motorcycle Insurance

If you want to own and operate a motorcycle in Ohio, you will need to make sure you are in compliance with all the rules of the road, and this includes an Ohio motorcycle insurance policy.  Your Ohion motorcycle insurance policy needs to provide you with at least the minimum coverage required by law in the state of Ohio, but that is only the beginning.  Your motorcycle insurance policy should also provide you with a wide variety of protective coverage to ensure that an accident or theft won’t leave you out a lot of money.

Your Ohio motorcycle insurance policy must have at least $12,500 in bodily injury coverage per person involved in an accident, and $25,000 in coverage for any single incident no matter how many people are injured.  You must also carry $7,500 in property damage coverage.  Anyone who has ever been involved in a serious accident – or even a fairly minor one – can tell you that the cost of medical bills and repairs to vehicles can go beyond those limits very quickly.  For this reason it is highly recommended that you add higher levels of liability coverage to your Ohio motorcycle insurance policy.  This will prevent you from being personally financially responsible for amounts above and beyond those limits.

There are other optional coverages you should consider adding to your Ohio Motorcycle insurance policy.  The top two are known as collision and comprehensive coverage.  In any case where you are found at fault in an accident, you will be responsible not just for the damage to another person’s property, but also for the damage to your own motorcycle.  Collision coverage provides insurance coverage for damage to your motorcycle if you are at fault.  Comprehensive coverage covers your motorcycle for everything other than a collision – such as theft or vandalism.  These coverages are not required by law on an Ohio motorcycle insurance policy, but they may be required by your lender if you have a loan on your motorcycle.

There are other coverages you should consider adding to your Ohio motorcycle insurance policy as well.  It is best to discuss all of your options with your insurance agent or representative.  Not every insurer in Ohio provides motorcycle insurance, so you may need to shop around both to find someone who does, and to find the best price.

Ohio motorcycle insurance is designed to protect both you as the rider and the other people on the road as well. When you take your motorcycle out on the road in Ohio, you have a financial obligation to carry a certain level of coverage.  But when it comes to protecting your own interests and investment in your motorcycle, insurance is a must have for more than legal reasons.  Ohio motorcycle insurance minimums are not enough to keep you safe from a serious financial situation in case of a major accident.  Talk to your insurance professional about what coverage is right for you and your motorcycle, to make sure you are safe and secure when you head out on the road.

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