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The Complete Guide to Pimped Out Cars

The Complete Guide to Pimped Out Cars

Looking to add a little bit of fun to your ride? Pimped out cars are no longer just for the street racers and hip-hop artists shooting music videos! Pimping popularity has risen significantly with several movies that have introduced these modified automobiles into the mainstream. If you are interested in finding out just what it will take to pimp out your own car, read on for tips on getting started!

New Rims – Starting With The Basics

One of the most basic, and instant, modifications that you can make to your car is to switch out the factory-issued rims with new pimped out rims that will get you noticed. Pimped out cars are always sporting the hottest in new rims so when you set about selecting yours be sure that you pick out rims that will have you riding in pure style.

There are hundreds of rims available in both the retail and the custom market and it will depend entirely upon your budget which ones you opt for. Spinners are popular rims but don’t let their popularity keep you from picking up a set for your car; your car will look great with a set of spinners!

Your Sound System

Something that all pimped out cars need is a banging sound system that will get your car thumping and bumping as you cruise on down the street. The sound system that you pick out should fit into your car comfortably at the same time as it fits into your budget comfortably. Unless you have experience installing sound systems in cars then it is generally advisable to have your new sound system installed by a team of professionals.

If you are going to attempt the installation yourself then you should be certain that you do sufficient research in order to understand the often complex wiring system of your car’s sound system.

Color, Paint, And Decals

Pimped out cars need to stray away from the boring factory-default paint and, instead, be painted in a flashy color that will get them noticed. Your pimped out ride could be painted a solid black and then be tricked out with flame decals or you could paint your car with a glittering purple paint that will impress.

Talk to a professional paint and bodywork shop to find out what kind of work they have done for other pimped out rides in the past. They should be able to provide you with a catalog of their work as well as give you a few suggestions for your vehicle.

Just like with the installation of your new sound system, it is generally not advisable to do the paintwork yourself; unless you are a skilled professional, it can be all too easy to make a mess of the paintwork. Pimped out cars need to have smooth and perfect paintwork so make sure that yours does!

While it is always a lot more fun to create pimped out cars of your own, you may find that the best option for your budget and time constraints is to purchase a ready-pimped car that is just what you’re looking for.

Photo courtesy of mark.hogan.

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