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The Complete Guide to Scotch Glasses

The Complete Guide to Scotch Glasses

For any lover of the distinct flavor of a good, aged Scotch, the right Scotch glasses are an absolute must.  Much like a wine glass or a brandy snifter, Scotch glasses are designed to make the most of the aroma and the air flow to the surface of the liquid to maximize the taste of the Scotch as well as the smell.  Good Scotch glasses also allow you to see the color of the Scotch, which is another part of the drinking experience.  Having the right Scotch glasses will take your Scotch drinking experience to a whole new level, so before you pour that special single malt you have been holding onto, make certain you are pouring it into the right glass.

Classic Scotch glasses are often thought of as a small but straight sided glass that is known as an old-fashioned glass.  This is a glass that can be used for a variety of drinks.  It is a shorter glass that allows you to smell the Scotch before you take a drink.  It is generally only large enough for a few pieces of ice and a shot of Scotch, allowing you to drink it on the rocks or straight up.

For the true Scotch lover, however, there is another type of Scotch glasses that take the experience to another level altogether.  With fluted sides much like a wine glass but more of a lip at the top, these Scotch glasses trap the aromas of the Scotch inside the wider portion of the glass, but allow for easy sipping via the curved lip of the glass.  These Scotch glasses are typically used for single malt Scotches and are considered to be the finest way to enjoy a Scotch.

Again, the fluted type of Scotch glasses are small; Scotch is not meant to be enjoyed in large quantities.  A good Scotch is a drink that should be sipped, and thus Scotch glasses are not meant to hold more than a few ounces, with enough room to allow the airflow to bring the aromas to the surface.  For anyone who enjoys Scotch beyond the rudimentary level, the fluted type of Scotch glasses are an absolute must.

You spend a good deal of money on a bottle of Scotch; it makes sense to spend a little money on the right Scotch glasses in which to enjoy it.  While you can certainly purchase basic glass, you can also get crystal Scotch glasses that will add a little more sophistication and flair to your Scotch drinking experience.  Be sure to buy enough glasses for company, so that you can share your Scotch with friends!

Good Scotch glasses are the best way to enjoy the nuances of a well aged Scotch.  Look for high quality in either the glass or the crystal you select, and don’t be afraid of the price tag.  Once you are enjoying your Scotch the way it was meant to be enjoyed, you will soon forget that the glasses were expensive.  A good Scotch is well worth it.

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