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The Complete Guide to the Norwegian Majesty

The Complete Guide to the Norwegian Majesty

Now sailing as the MS Louis Majesty, the Norwegian Majesty has a colorful past that is filled with adventure, innovation, and even an unfortunate tragedy. Originally commissioned from the now defunct Wartsila Marine in Finland by Birka Line for small cruises operating out of Sweden the ship was ultimately sold to Majesty Cruise Line in 1992.

Her Early Years

Once ownership was transferred to Majesty Cruise Line, the ship was named the Royal Majesty; her maiden voyage in the summer of 1992 took her from Southampton to New York where she was christened officially by celebrity Liza Minelli.

From 1992 through to 1995 the Royal Majesty was used for short cruises leaving out of the state of Florida. In mid-1995 the Royal Majesty’s schedule was changed and she was used for summer cruises leaving from Massachusetts to Bermuda.

Notable Facts

  • An expedition to the site where the RMS Titanic sunk was arranged with several of the Titanic’s survivors on board – while a salvage crew brought up pieces from the Titanic, the survivors were given five days in luxury while reminiscing about their time spent on the fated ship.
  • The Royal Majesty was grounded off of the coast of Massachusetts in the summer of 1995 with over 1500 passengers on board; while thankfully there was no loss of life, there was a significant loss of revenue for the ship’s operators.
  • The Royal Majesty was sold when Majesty Cruise Line halted their business operations; Norwegian Cruise Line took over ownership and renamed her Norwegian Majesty in 1997.
  • In 2010 the Norwegian Majesty (renamed to the Louis Majesty) was struck by tragedy as rogue waves hit her while she was in the Mediterranean. Two passengers lost their lives while several others sustained serious injuries.

On Board

For many years the Norwegian Majesty was considered to be a “chubby” ship due to her width being a non-standard width for her length; a complex lengthening project was set into motion in an effort to slim her down while increasing the number of passengers she is capable of hosting. Over 100ft of length transformed her into the Norwegian Majesty that we know of today.

With nine passenger decks, the Norwegian Majesty offers passengers incredible on board luxury, comfort, and an array of amenities that include several swimming pools and even a playroom for the younger onboard passengers. The Norwegian Majesty (operating now as the Louis Majesty) offers the following additional great amenities to her passengers

  • An onboard hospital
  • Nightclubs
  • Several bars
  • An onboard casino
  • An internet café
  • A library and a games arcade
  • Several excellent restaurants offering a delicious range of food from cafeteria-style to the ultimate in gourmet.
  • The Norwegian Majesty also offers her passengers sumptuous suites that offer balconies and the ultimate in views!

If you are looking to take a cruise on a ship with a solid and a rich history, consider looking into a trip on the Norwegian Majesty; you are certain to have a fantastic vacation that will provide you with memories to last a lifetime!

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