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The Complete Guide to Tractor Insurance

Your tractor is a valuable piece of machinery that makes a lot of otherwise backbreaking tasks run a lot smoother for you. If something were to go wrong with your tractor, what options would you have available to you? Repairs to a tractor no longer under warranty could cost a significant amount of money so it is a wise idea to look into obtaining a tractor insurance policy to help protect your investment in your equipment.

There are a few types of policy coverage that you should look into in order to ensure that you have the complete coverage that you may need.

Break Downs

If your tractor breaks down, it can cost a small fortune to repair it. With complete tractor insurance, you will be able to rest assured that any major issues no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty will be covered by your insurance policy. However, for minor repairs and part replacements, your insurance deductible could be higher than the actual cost of the repairs. Be sure to find out just what needs repaired and how much it will actually cost so that you can select the most economical of options.

Property Theft

While it might seem impossible that someone could come onto your property and steal your tractor without your noticing it, the reality is that thousands of tractors and other farming equipment are often found to be stole. Ensure that your tractor insurance policy covers your property in case of theft; otherwise you could just find yourself with the need to replace a tractor, the costs of which will come out of your pocket.

Liability Coverage

Just like your insurance policy on your automobile, liability coverage will help to protect you in the event that there is accident damage caused to other people and their property. For example, if your tractor accidentally damages a tree or a fence belonging to your neighbor, your policy should be able to help cover the damages – ensuring that the costs of repairs don’t come out of your personal pocket.

Acts Of God

This section of your tractor insurance policy will help to protect your investment in the event that a weather-related issue causes damage to your property and your tractor. For example, if your area is struck with severe weather that causes a lot of damage to your tractor, your insurance company will be able to assist with the repairs or outright replacement of the damaged equipment. The affecting weather could include flooding, hail, tornadoes, and even snow.

When you sit down with your insurance agent to find out about the various options that are available for you in order to protect your tractor, there are a few important things that you should verify. You should be certain to find out what kind of deductibles that you could be facing in the event that something unfortunate does happen to your tractor. Very often the cost of the deductibles far exceeds the cost of repairs. Combining your tractor insurance policy with another of your policies might be able to earn you a few discounts so be certain that you find out about any discounts that you can get on your policies.

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