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The Copy Machine Rental Guide

The Copy Machine Rental Guide

In the current economy, the majority of businesses are keeping a much tighter eye on their bottom line. As a part of this scrutiny on expenses, serious consideration needs to go into the replacement of office equipment – like fax machines, copy machines, and even business laptops. With this in mind, more businesses are looking into the rental of office equipment. Copy machine rentals, for example, can help businesses to save a significant amount of money over the expense that otherwise would have gone towards the outright purchasing of this large and oftentimes pricey office equipment.

Understanding how copy machine rentals can save your business money, and also understanding the ins and outs of the rental process, can help to set your business on the right path to saving money.

Locating Rental Companies

There are numerous rental companies that can be located either in your area telephone book, or by simply doing an online source for office equipment rental companies.

Before you make the decision to sign a lease agreement with the first company that you reach out to, you should be sure that you take the time to compare lease pricing and options with several companies. By getting pricing options from multiple companies you will be able to not only ensure that you get the best prices to meet your budget but you may be able to haggle pricing and terms with the copy machine rental company that you ultimately opt to go with.

Another step that you should take before you sign the lease agreement is to ensure that you read all of the fine print in order to understand what your rights and options are under the lease agreement. This could prove to be highly useful if your equipment malfunctions. You should know how repairs and the replacement of faulty equipment are handled. If the service agreement does not ensure the rapid repair or replacement of your equipment you may find your business productivity severely impacted.

Additional Benefits Of Copy Machine Rentals

For small businesses or groups that don’t have the need for a full-time copier rental, there are certain times during the year where the rental of a highly efficient copier machine makes good fiscal sense.

  • Political Campaigns: Political campaigns that are run over the course of a few months can make use of an efficient copy machine.
  • Benefits And Fundraisers: For fundraising events and benefits, a copy machine rental makes good sense for the few weeks leading up to the event.
  • Tax Season And End Of Year: For the busy seasons, like tax season and end of year financial projects, a dedicated copy machine rental can help to make short work of the printing and copy functions that go hand-in-hand with these projects.

Is A Copy Machine Rental Right For Your Business

Before you make the decision to rent a copy machine, ask yourself the following questions in order to ensure that this is the best decision for your business.

  • On average, how many copies and print jobs does your office perform in a month?
  • Does your office have the need for a copier that functions as a printer, both color and black and white, and also as a fax or email capable machine?
  • How much would be spent on ink and toner cartridges?
  • Will your copier need to perform clerical functions like stapling and collating?

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