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The Corner Toilet: Everything You Need to Know

The Corner Toilet: Everything You Need to Know

For anyone who is tight on space in the bathroom, the corner toilet is a great option to consider.  It allows you to work within the confines of a small or oddly shaped bathroom space and make it feel bigger and easier to get around.  The corner toilet functions just as any other toilet does, but fits into a corner, offering more leg room for users in many situations.

Whether you are designing a custom built home or remodeling the bathroom in your existing home, a corner toilet is something to consider.  Any small bathroom or even a large one can benefit from the space-saving design.  Even if you aren’t concerned about space in the bathroom, the look of the corner toilet is one that offers a distinct design feature and will make your bathroom have a truly different look and feel than the average.  A corner toilet is an unusual and yet smart choice for any bathroom space.

The corner toilet uses a uniquely shaped toilet tank with a triangular design to fit into any corner.  The rest of the toilet looks much the same as any other, and when you use the corner toilet you probably won’t notice much of a difference in comfort or function.  The main difference is in the look and the space you will get from installing the toilet into a corner instead of against a flat wall. 

The corner toilet can be a little more expensive than the standard toilet, but if you are doing a bathroom upgrade or are really tight on space, you won’t find it to be extravagantly expensive.  There are several models on the market that make it easier to find one that fits your budget.  A good toilet even with a standard tank will run in the $200 range, and the corner toilet falls just above this in most cases.

Installing a corner toilet follows much the same pattern as installing a standard one.  If you have never installed a toilet before and aren’t sure of your abilities, hiring a professional to do the job is never a bad idea.  There are plenty of online tutorials and videos however that can help you to get the job done yourself and save the money you would have spent on paying someone to do it.

You can find the corner toilet at major plumbing and bathroom remodel stores, and some large home renovation stores will also carry a few models.  If you can’t find one locally, you can also order your corner toilet online and get exactly what you want by choosing from the largest selection available.

Your bathroom will take on a whole new look with a corner toilet installed, and for anyone who loves to do things just a little differently, it’s a perfect choice.  It’s also great for small guest bathrooms or anywhere you need to conserve space.  Before you choose a corner toilet, be sure to measure to ensure it will fit in the available space; in most cases it won’t be a problem.

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