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The Cowboy Hard Hat Guide

The Cowboy Hard Hat Guide

The hard hat is not generally considered to be particularly fashionable or attractive; it is meant to provide protection on dangerous job sites. But with the invention of the cowboy hard hat, those who need to wear a hard hat to work have a new option for looking good and still being protected while they work.

The cowboy hard hat has been approved by OSHA for use on job sites and is therefore an acceptable alternative to the traditional style. The hat itself looks just like a cowboy hat, otherwise known as a Stetson style hat. It provides a wide brim, which has the added advantage of protecting the wearer’s eyes from the sun while they work.

The cowboy hard hat is also designed to be comfortable and easy to wear, with a suspension style fitted interior and a sweat band that can be replaced as needed to keep sweat out of the wearer’s eyes while working. Many also come with a chin strap to keep the hat in place, on some hats this is standard while on others it is an option that can be added.

A cowboy hard hat has all of the protection of a standard hard hat, protecting the head and face from debris that may fall on a job site and cause head injuries. Built from tough polyethylene plastic, they are strong, durable and weather resistant. They offer either four or six point suspension systems for comfort and ease of wearing.

There are a number of manufacturers of the cowboy hard hat, most of them in the United States, although there is one Australian maker of the cowboy hard hat as well. They are popular with both men and women who want something that looks better than a traditional hard hat, and they even have some benefits over the old style as well, especially the wide brim.

Invented by Bret Atkins in 1996, the cowboy hard hat became hugely popular after being featured on television. They come in multiple different colors, but the most common are black and white. Companies wanting their logo on the hard hats worn by employees can have it stamped on by some of the available manufacturers of the cowboy hard hat.

Because the cowboy hard hat looks good and is so comfortable, workers are less likely to remove it, lowering the risk of injuries on the site and keeping insurance premiums lower. Workers who like how the cowboy hard hat looks won’t remove it when no one is looking, meaning safer work sites.

The cowboy hard hat is available from a number of online retailers, and can be purchased in large or small quantities for any size company. For special orders including company logos, it’s best to contact the manufacturer directly in order to get exactly what you want. Individuals can also purchase a cowboy hard hat for their own use from retailers online and a few places locally in some areas. The Cowboy hart had is an excellent choice for safety and fashion as well.

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