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The Dangers of Ultrex Cookware

The Dangers of Ultrex Cookware

You may have seen the Ultrex cookware line by Innova on the Home Shopping Network in previous years. What you may not know is that its manufacturer, as of January 2003, has voluntarily recalled pieces of the Ultrex Cookware line. This is due to various reports of physical injury and property damage received by customers who have purchased any pieces from the Ultrex cookware line.

The CPSC noted that the Ultrex cookware posed serious risks. These risks include the possibility of the non-stick coating on the Ultrex pan separating from its base forcefully and being “propelled” when customers use their cookware. This can occur while the pan is being preheated, being used on high heat or during frying or braising. These occurrences can result in serious burns if the pan’s contents are spilled onto the customer.

For a limited time after the recall, customers were able to return their products for a refund or replacement, however this is no longer an option. Unfortunately, for reasons that may possibly be related to the recall, but are otherwise unknown, Innova ceased business operations and began liquidating their assets with little or no notice provided to their distributors. In a letter provided by the Home Shopping Network to their customers, representatives of HSN informed their customers that Innova was no longer able to honor their product warranties. The Home Shopping network denied any responsibility for the product and also refused to honor any warranty claims, but apologized to their customers for the inconvenience.

While many customers encountered no negative experiences while using Innova’s Ultrex Cookware product line, many others are outraged by having to swallow the cost of an unsafe product. If you have purchased Ultrex cookware, either from the Home Shopping Network or from a third party retailer, it is recommended that you discontinue use immediately.

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