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The Double Chin Liposuction Procedure Explained

The Double Chin Liposuction Procedure Explained

Many people suffer from a double chin, even if they have lost a lot of weight. It can be very difficult to get rid of and resistant to exercise and all other attempts to reduce it. If you have a double chin and have tried everything to get rid of it, you should consider double chin liposuction. This procedure will help to remove the difficult fat that is in the double chin. Double chin liposuction is a relatively simple procedure, but if you have never had liposuction before it can be a bit daunting.

Double chin liposuction, like other liposuction procedures, involves suctioning out the excess fat under the surface of the skin. The newest methods of performing the double chin liposuction procedure reduce the recovery time greatly and result a much less visible scarring that choices such as facelifts and chin tucks do. Many plastic surgeons today choose to do double chin liposuction using only a local anesthetic as opposed to a general. This means that the patient is not sedated and remains awake for the procedure. If this sounds strange to you, bear in mind that most cesarean sections, a much more serious surgery, are done with local anesthetics!

Using no sedation means that you will walk out of your double chin liposuction procedure feeling much more alert and generally better. You will be able to resume normal activities sooner and your recovery time will be much shorter.

There was a time when double chin liposuction was not nearly as effective as other procedures such as a chin tuck at reducing the look of a double chin. Today’s more advanced procedures, however, mean that a double chin can be effectively removed or drastically reduced using the double chin liposuction procedure. Today a much smaller incision is used, and the use of local anesthetics can help to tighten the skin after the procedure and improve the final result.

After the double chin liposuction procedure, patients usually wear a tight chin strap for a few days to improve the look of the chin after healing. There is often some swelling and bruising, but most patients are able to resume many light activities immediately and a return to completely normal function in a few days.

Today, the double chin liposuction procedure has advanced to the point of being the top pick of patients and plastic surgeons for improving the look of a double chin. It’s results are nothing short of astounding, and patients who would once have selected a facelift will find that once they have seen what a double chin liposuction procedure can do, along with reading about all the benefits, they will be convinced.

Before you consider any cosmetic procedure, including double chin liposuction, you should take the time to learn about all the possible side effects and other risks associated with the procedure. Make an appointment with a local cosmetic surgeon to discuss the procedure. This will allow you to learn all there is to know and make an educated decision about double chin liposuction.

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