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The Duralast Battery Guide

The Duralast Battery Guide

Duralast batteries represent an exclusive product that is available only at AutoZone locations.  Of course, AutoZone is a retailer and distributor of automotive accessories and spare parts. 

In order to approach the characteristics of Duralast batteries, it is necessary to make a distinction.  There are two types of Duralast batteries: the standard Duralast and the Duralast Gold brand. 

The standard Duralast battery has a number of features unique to the brand.  In order to prevent corrosion and premature failure, the Solidium weld system is found.  The Lifespan negative paste improves battery life and performance.  Circatech negative plates eliminate separator shorts for long life, while the Patented Grid Manufacturing Stamped Grid Technology uses an efficient grid for high performance.

In addition to these trademarked aspects that are unique to Duralast batteries, the battery features a number of other noteworthy features.  For instance, Duralast uses high-quality vent caps to reduce leakage and corrosion.  In order to reduce change of weld damage and over-torque, patented side terminals are found on the Duralast batteries.

Duralast batteries carry a nationwide two-year free replacement warranty.  The key difference found between normal Duralast batteries and Duralast Gold is the increased amps and ratings: Duralast Gold carries AutoZone’s highest cold cranking amps (up to 1000) and reserve capacity ratings per group size.  In addition, Duralast Gold batteries have a nationwide three-year free replacement warranty.

There are a number of ways in which you can purchase a Duralast battery, whether you want the standard Duralast or the Duralast Gold battery for your automobile.  You can easily visit your local AutoZone store to see your options for a Duralast battery.  Certainly you will be able to find a Duralast battery that works for your automobile.

Alternatively, you can visit the AutoZone website to look at their selection of Durlast batteries, and you can even purchase it online.  Simply go to AutoZone.com to visit their website, where you can see the Duralast brand.

Once you click on the “batteries” part of the website, you can go through and select your automobile.  AutoZone has Duralast batteries available for a large number of new and used vehicles.  You can go through and select the year, make, model, and engine to specify your automobile – in order to find the right Duralast battery.

After you do this, you can see the Durlast batteries that are available for purchase.  You can finalize your purchase and have the Duralast battery shipped to you.  Alternatively, you can arrange for an in-store pickup, which would allow AutoZone to install the battery for you – this is recommended, especially if you do not have experience doing this.

Duralast batteries have come to be known as one of the higher-quality automotive batteries available.  With the Duralast and Duralast Gold choices, this may be a strong option if you need a new battery for your car.  Exclusive to AutoZone, you can even have the store test your battery to see if a new one is needed.  With the quality and warranty on Duralast batteries, Duralast represents a decent option if you need a new battery.

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