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The Erasable Wall Calendar Guide

The Erasable Wall Calendar Guide

For anyone with a busy life and a lot to keep track of, an erasable wall calendar can be an indispensable tool for keeping the schedule on track. Having an erasable wall calendar lets you have quick access to what is coming up in the next few days and weeks, as well as to make quick changes to your schedule whenever they are needed without making a mess.

There are a few types of erasable wall calendar on the market. The main two choices are those that are the white board style and use dry erase markers, and the chalkboard style that use chalk. Both are permanent calendars that can be switched out every month simply by erasing the days of the week and replacing them with the correct order of days for the next month. This means that instead of using a paper calendar that is only good for one year, you have one you can use forever. An erasable wall calendar is not just convenient but also an eco-friendly alternative to using up paper every year.

If you choose a white board style erasable wall calendar, you will need dry erase markers to write on it. Ensure that you select only erasable markers; even wet erase is acceptable, but not permanent markers! You will not be able to erase the ink left by permanent markers on your white board. A chalkboard erasable wall calendar is another great option, and of course is written on with chalk. For both dry erase markers and chalk you can obtain many different colors that will allow you to color-code your calendar for easy reference and quick checks on your schedule.

You will find your erasable wall calendar useful for even more than just keeping track of a busy schedule. It can also be used to create a chore schedule for kids or monitor medication dosages. It will truly ensure that you keep everything in your life on track, and you can make changes simply by erasing and putting in new information.

You can purchase an erasable wall calendar at a wide variety of locations. Office supply stores are a great place to look, but you will also find them at large stores such as Wal-Mart and Target, wherever home office supplies are sold. An erasable wall calendar will not cost you much more than a yearly paper calendar, and is a purchase you will only have to make once.

You will probably need to replace the markers or chalk for your erasable wall calendar every few years as it wears out. This is still a much lower expense than purchasing a whole new calendar, and you will find it is not just convenient but money saving in the long term. An erasable wall calendar lets you stay organized, stay on top of changes in your schedule, and do it all in the most green method possible. Once you get used to using an erasable wall calendar you won’t want to go back to paper again.

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