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The Fashion Merchandising Salary Guide

The Fashion Merchandising Salary Guide

Fashion merchandising is a complex field that can encompass many different areas of marketing and buying in the fashion industry.  As a result there is a wide range of fashion merchandising salary possibilities.  The kind of salary you can expect to make in this field depends on a number of different factors including your education, experience, and the area of fashion merchandising where you focus your interests.

Fashion merchandising salary options vary from as low as $36,000 per year in the entry level areas of the field up to nearly $125,000 on the high end for a Senior Merchandise Buyer.  The main difference between these two salary levels is years of experience and the right education and knowledge in the fashion industry.  You will most likely start your career at the bottom of the fashion merchandising salary ladder, generally as an assistant to a higher level fashion merchandising buyer.  From there, you can expect to climb the ladder and eventually reach the higher end of the fashion merchandising salary scale.

Of course, not everyone will make the seven figure salaries that the best in fashion merchandising can achieve.  Fashion merchandising requires an intimate knowledge of fashion trends, textiles, the ins and outs of the fashion industry and more.  It also requires a solid instinct for the future of fashion and upcoming trends; not only to predict them but even to be able to create them.  Those who are able to be consistently on trend and even ahead of the trends are those who will eventually see the largest of the fashion merchandising salary possibilities.  Not everyone will attain that level.

Still, if you have a love for fashion and want to be involved in the behind the scenes decision making processes and work that goes into determining which styles will hit the runways and which will hit the racks at the top fashion boutiques and major department stores, fashion merchandising is the right career for you.  You can expect to make a very good living at it if you are dedicated and willing to work hard.  The fashion merchandising salary possibilities are really up to you; if you have the drive, the knowledge and the determination, you are bound to go far even in a difficult and competitive industry like fashion.

Of course, those who take the right fashion merchandising courses at prestigious schools will have a head start on the fashion merchandising salary ladder.  Getting in as a intern or assistant in any major fashion house or high end department store is a good way to boost your experience and chances of making more money.  The more experience you can gain, the better it will look when you apply for more high paying fashion merchandising positions.

A great fashion merchandising salary is well within reach for those who want to make this their career path.  Start with education and experience, don’t be afraid of the competition, and set your goals high; this is a career where effort and persistence are often rewarded greatly.  

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