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The Flagstone Patio Installation Guide

The Flagstone Patio Installation Guide

A new Flagstone patio can make a great addition to your home; it is not only a practical addition but it will also help you to add to the value of your home while having the added benefit of improving the beauty of your backyard! Before you set out to start your new patio project, it is important that you review an installation guide so that your end result is everything that you have been dreaming of.

DIY Or Opt For A Pro

Even the most ambitious weekend DIY’er is sure to find that the installation of a new flagstone patio can be a very involved and labor-intensive project; especially if it is a project started in the scorching summer months. There are several key points that can help you to weigh your choices.

  • The budget that you have on hand for your project is going to be a large determining factor in your decision to use a professional installer for your new patio. When you start to factor all of the related installation costs, you also need to account for the costs of materials, labor, and delivery fees that could be included.
  • Before you make your decision, be sure that you reach out to several area contractors who can provide you with accurate quotes. Allow your selected contractors to have an idea of your plans for your flagstone patio and also of your budget beforehand so that they can provide you with the most accurate quote possible.
  • The size of your project should be another determining factor for you – if you are planning a large patio that requires a fair amount of prep work in your yard then you need to be realistic about your ability to take on and complete a project of that magnitude. To get the job done correctly, it is important that it get done as efficiently as possible – you may not be able to dedicate the time and manpower to it on your own.
  • While flagstone patios can be very easy to install if you have experience with projects of that type, they can also prove to be overwhelmingly challenging for a homeowner who doesn’t have at least basic masonry knowledge. If you need to rent or purchase any needed cutting tools, remember to factor them into your DIY budget.

If you do opt to install your flagstone patio on your own remember that there are several steps that need to be done before you can start to shop for new patio furniture.

  • The ground where your patio is to be installed needs to be cleared of any debris and it needs to be leveled. You may need to add a leveling medium to help you get the ideal work surface.
  • The paver stones themselves may need to be cut down to size in order to fit snugly onto your new patio so be sure that you understand the operating guidelines of all machinery that you will be using.

Many home improvement stores offer free installation classes over the weekends so be sure to check one of them out before you embark on your large project. The more knowledge that you have the better prepared you will be to tackle your project!

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