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The Franklin Organizer: Why You Need One

The Franklin Organizer: Why You Need One

Even in today’s technologically advanced world, the Franklin organizer still has an important place in your office.  For many years the Franklin organizer has been the number once choice for keeping your schedule, your day, and your workload organized and on track.  Today there are more options than ever before available from the Franklin Covey Company, and they provide the best way to keep everything ready at your fingertips.  The Franklin organizer is the portable, go-anywhere, easy to use option for a day planner, week or monthly planner and yearly calendar all in one.

Franklin Organizer Sizes and Styles

The Franklin organizer comes in many different sizes and styles.  The classic version of the organizer comes in either ring bound, which allows refills, or wire bound which are replaced entirely when they are used up.  The page size on the classic Franklin organizer is 8.5″ x 5.5″, a perfect size for carrying in a briefcase, tote bag or even a good sized purse.  The classic is offered in both office friendly versions as well as some more home-based use versions, including one dedicated to busy moms on the go.  Refills for the ring bound version of the classic Franklin organizer are easy to find and can be ordered directly from the company.

The 4.125″ x 5.5″ clutch sized Franklin organizer is the best size for fitting in a smaller purse.  It takes up less space and is easier to carry around, and still offers plenty of room for all of the information you need to record in your day planner.  Slightly larger is the compact version, which is 4.25″ x 6.5″, which is easy to transport but leaves a little more room in the pages than the clutch version does, allowing you to fit in more of your busy schedule.  At 2.625″ x 4.25″, the micro Franklin organizer is the smallest available, and can slip into a pocket or purse to be taken with you everywhere you go without taking up much space.  It’s perfect for keeping a few important notes with you when you don’t have access to your full calendar.  The 3.5″ x 6″ pocket version serves in much the same way, although it is slightly larger.

If you want something larger, the 8.5″ x 11″ Monarch Franklin organizer is the perfect desk top organizer to keep all of your commitments and appointments right in front of you so that you can quickly refer to it throughout your day.  Refills for this largest size of day planner are easy to locate so that you can continue to use your Franklin organizer for many years.  The large page size lets you fit in everything you need to keep track of even for your busiest days.  It is the perfect appointment book for any business.

The Franklin organizer has been around for a long time, and the years in the business have allowed the company to refine their products to the point where they are the best designed day, week, or monthly planners on the market.  They are easy to read, and designed to make it simple to locate exactly the information you need to find without searching.  Franklin’s line of organizers allow you to pick the right size for your needs, or even have multiple copies of your planner – a large one to be left at the office and a smaller one to carry with you.

Refilling Your Franklin Organizer

Replacing pages is easy with the Franklin organizer refills, which can be simply placed into your current organizer so that you can continue to use it month after month and year after year.  Whether you want to record information on a daily or monthly level, you can easily find a refill that will do the job.

It is true that many people have made the switch to digital systems of keeping track of appointments, but there is always a risk of a computer crashing or a smart phone breaking.  Don’t put all your trust in a computer or phone to keep track of your life.  With a Franklin organizer you will have a copy of your calendar that won’t crash or freeze up, and you won’t wait for a page to slowly load in order to get information at your fingertips.  The paper based Franklin organizer not only has a place in today’s office – it is still a necessity!

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