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The Garage Remodeling Guide

The Garage Remodeling Guide

For some people, garage remodeling is low on the list of home renovation projects – but for those who love their garage and spend a lot of time there, it might rank quite a bit higher. Garage remodeling can mean a number of different things, from turning the garage into the workshop of your dreams, to creating a relaxing haven complete with all the amenities.

If your garage remodeling plans include a space where you can work on automotive and other projects, then you need a space that is functional and appealing at the same time. Having plenty of storage and good organization are keys to creating the perfect shop. A great deal of your garage remodeling budget in this case will probably be devoted to tool storage and built-in cabinetry. Plan your storage to allow easy access to the tools you use most often, so you won’t ever be searching for something you need right in the middle of a job.

As far as the aesthetics of garage remodeling go, a clean and industrial look is a common choice for those who work in the garage a lot. Concrete paint is a good choice for the floor, creating an even look that appears clean and functional. Stainless steel workbench tops are also a great way to create that professional look, and they are also durable and easy to care for.

If you need extra storage in your garage, consider ceiling storage. Hanging shelves that can be lowered as needed are a great way to get things out of the way without having them pushed into a location where you can’t reach them easily.

If your garage remodeling is going in a different direction, and you want your space to be more of a place to hang out than a functional shop, then you will probably need to consult with an electrician on some wiring. This is especially true if you have an older home where outlets in the garage may be limited. If you plan to have a television or music system on your garage you will need the extra outlets to power them. You may also want to power a small refrigerator or other electric devices.

Furniture in a combination of leather and stainless steel is the perfect choice for a garage remodeling project. It is attractive but still gives the feel of something a little more industrial. Even if you don’t plan to use the garage for working on cars or other projects, bear in mind that for resale of the house you should ensure the garage can still be easily converted back. Sticking to a painted concrete floor facilitates this; you can always use area rugs for comfort.

Garage remodeling can take a number of different directions, from the perfect place to work on your car or motorcycle to the comfortable hang out you have always wanted. Functionality and simple aesthetics are the keys to a good garage remodel, as well as thinking ahead to what future uses the garage might need to serve.

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