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The Green Amethyst Ring: A Perfect Choice

The Green Amethyst Ring:  A Perfect Choice

If you have a birthday or anniversary right around the corner, you may be wondering what to get that special someone this year, and one of the more popular choices, at least as far is jewelry is concerned, is the green amethyst ring.  In this article we will discuss the green amethyst ring in a bit more detail, including the many options available when you’re finally ready to buy.

What is a Green Amethyst Ring?

Amethyst is a form of quartz and the birthstone for those people born in the month of February.  This gemstone, which in its original state is purple in color, is one of the more popular gemstones in terms of jewelry, trailing only the diamond in terms of sales.  Green amethyst is obtained by subjecting this quartz gemstone to heat over a short period of time (although naturally occurring green amethyst can be found), and the result is a stunning stone that can either be set in a ring independently or paired with other stones such as diamond and emerald for a truly elegant look.

Green amethyst rings are a very popular fashion accessory and are a great choice for anyone who wants a sparkling stone without paying the enormous prices associated with diamonds and other precious gemstones.  Green amethyst rings pair well with other pieces of jewelry and are great to give as a gift or to incorporate into your wedding or anniversary band.

Types of Green Amethyst Rings

The green amethyst ring is available in several different shapes and styles, giving consumers a wide array of choice and selection.  Shapes available include:

  • Triangular.  The three distinctive edges on a green amethyst ring really show off the sparkle and look great from any angle.
  • Star-shaped.  Star shaped green amethyst rings offer depth and sparkle and go well with other fashion accessories.
  • Oval.  This classic shape suits the green amethyst ring especially well.
  • Briolette.  Briolette is a term to describe a tear-drop shaped design that really shows off the stone’s natural beauty.

Green amethyst rings can be set in bands of silver, yellow gold, white gold and even platinum, and with so many choices to choose from there is a green amethyst for every taste and every occasion.

Why Choose a Green Amethyst Ring

Elegance and beauty are not the only reasons to purchase a green amethyst ring; there is also the price to consider.  Originally, amethyst was held in the same esteem as diamonds, rubies and emeralds, but because of its availability, the stone is much more affordably priced than these other popular gemstones.  Whether you choose to have green amethyst as the lone gemstone in your ring or if you combine green amethyst with other stones such as diamond, you can always be sure that you’ll sparkle and draw attention at the most affordable price. If a combination of value and beauty is what you’re looking for, you definitely get more “bang for your buck” with the elegant green amethyst ring.

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