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The Guide to Alston Hotels

The Guide to Alston Hotels

Alston is a small town of about two thousand residents in Cumbria, England. Though it has historically been a mining town, the mines are no longer active and today Alston’s major industry is tourism. The moorland surrounding Alston has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This beauty on top of their old mines and mining history make Alston a wonderful destination. Since Alston is so economically dependent on tourism, one would expect Alston hotels to be of top quality – and one would be correct!

Alston hotels are typically Bed & Breakfast hotels. The Bed & Breakfasts that make up the majority of Alston hotels are small, private residences that can house a small number of temporary lodgers. Farmers who farm sheep on the surrounding moorland run many of these small Alston hotels. Alston hotels typically serve a home-cooked breakfast in the morning and do not provide other meals during the day. Bed & Breakfasts are great choices for Alston hotels, because they let the locals profit from their farm residences and they let visitors experience their trip to Alston in homey and traditional comfort.

You can find a great overview of many Alston hotels on alstonhotels.com, including the Victoria Inn, the Alston House Hotel, Lowbyer Manor Country House, and Langley Castle Hotel. Most of these Alston hotels have a small number of rooms. Some of them are only Bed & Breakfast hotels, but others hand on-site restaurants that serve three meals a day. Most Alston hotels are in older buildings like manor houses, country houses and even castles that have been refurbished to serve as comfortable and modern hotel accommodations.