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The Guide to Purchasing a Carton Sealing Machine

The Guide to Purchasing a Carton Sealing Machine

For any business doing a lot of packaging for shipping or retail, a carton sealing machine is a must have piece of equipment that will streamline the process of getting a large volume of package sealed in a shorter time period.  There are a number of different choices available on the market, and the type of carton sealing machine you need depends on a few factors, including your budget and how automated you want the carton sealing machine to be.  

There are four main types of carton sealing machine on the market.  All of them can properly seal packages, but the amount of manual work involved differs from machine to machine.  The most basic and generally most affordable model is an adjustable manual carton sealing machine.  With this type of machine, an operator is required to adjust the height and width of the machine to fit the package.  The operator then fold the flaps and feeds the carton into the machine.  This means that someone must be there operating this carton sealing machine at all times to ensure packages are done correctly.  If you mostly seal packages of a similar size and don’t have a huge volume to seal, this might be an economical choice.

A random manual carton sealing machine also requires an operator to do all of the folding and feeding of the cartons, but will detect the size of the carton and adjust itself, saving time on the part of the operator.  This option is good for those with a lot of different sized boxes to seal still looking for a more economical choice.

If you need a large volume of boxes sealed and don’t want to have an operator there needing to feed every box and fold in manually, you want an automatic carton sealing machine.  As with the manual type, these come in two styles.  The first is an adjustable automatic carton sealing machine.  With this style, an operator is not needed to fold and feed, but you will need to adjust height and width by hand.  If you seal mostly packages of the same size, this is a good choice.  However, if you have a lot of different packages of different sizes to seal, you might want to go with a fully automatic carton sealing machine.

The fully automatic machine does not require any intervention from an operator.  As its name implies, it does the job completely automatically, folding the flaps and also detecting the size and making automatic adjustments to seal all kinds of packages of varying sizes.  This is the most expensive of all the machines, but offers the most efficient package sealing features.

The carton sealing machine you choose depends on your needs, but also on what you can afford.  Small businesses on a tight budget might need to start with a manual option and later move up to an automated model.  A good carton sealing machine is an investment in efficiency, so think long term if you can and choose one that will last.

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