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The Guide to Slime Basketball

The Guide to Slime Basketball

Slime basketball is one of a series of online games called Slime sports. The games were created by computer science students; the original by Clive Gout was a one player game of volleyball. It made its first appearance in 1999, and had simple graphics but was instantly addictive to players. The two player version created not long after by Quin Pendragon became hugely popular among the students and their friends. Soon, the slime sports expanded into other games and became widely available online to the world at large.

Slime basketball, as with all slime sports, uses half-circle like figures that have eyes and a mouth but no arms or legs. The ball in the game is moved around by advancing the players across the screen using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The characters can bounce the ball off of their heads, thus attempting to make a basket, score points and win the game. Two players can engage in slime basketball and face each other down on the virtual court.

The popularity of slime basketball and the other slime sports has made the java-based games available on a number of sites worldwide. No extra equipment is needed in order to play; all that is required is a keyboard. The game does not use a joystick or other device to control the characters. The simplicity of play combined with the challenge of learning how to move them about the screen and successfully put the ball in the net make this game one that many people find addictive.

Since the origination of slime sports, slime basketball has become one of six available slime sports games. In addition to the original slime volleyball, there is also a slime cricket, slime rugby, slime soccer and slime bowling. Anyone who gets bored with slime basketball or prefers another sport will find a slime game that they truly enjoy.

The basic nature of the game makes it appealing to people of all ages. Because slime sports such as slime basketball are already games people know the rules to, there is no learning curve as far as figuring out how to play the game aside from the controls of the players. Just like in any basketball game, the goal is to score points by putting the ball in the opponent’s net. Learning how to go about this is part of the fun of slime basketball.

The funny players who bounce as easily as balls to play a variety of sports have made slime basketball and the other slime sports online favorites for games to pass the time or for an tournament among friends to see who can win the most games. The fun of slime basketball lies not just in playing a sport right at your computer – plenty of fancier graphics are available for that. It lies in the quirky nature of the players, the physics of the way they move, and the deceptively simple play that keeps online gamers coming back for one more round, time and time again.

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