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The Horseshoe Necklace: As Seen on “Sex and the City”

The Horseshoe Necklace:  As Seen on “Sex and the City”

Have you been in search of the horseshoe necklace made popular by the character Candace on the television blockbuster Sex and the City? If so, then you may be in luck. Here we will help point you in the right direction with regard to purchasing the horseshoe necklace, along with some information on the many different styles available and the symbolism behind this very popular piece of jewelry.

What Does the Horseshoe Necklace Symbolize?

If you’re a fan of “Sex and the City” you have no doubt seen the horseshoe necklace being worn by the character Candace, but did you know what the horseshoe on this necklace—or on any piece of jewelry—is meant to symbolize? Since as early as the 4th century B.C., the horseshoe has been thought of as a symbol of good luck and good fortune, but not all people wear the horseshoe necklace in the same manner. For example, people of Spanish descent can usually be seen wearing a horseshoe necklace pointing downwards, while people in Ireland and parts of Britain wear the necklace with the two ends pointing upwards. According to legend, a horseshoe that is pointing up—the way that Candace wears her necklace in Sex and the City—will gather luck, while a horseshoe pointing downwards will shower you with luck.

The horse is a symbol of strength and dependability and is revered in many parts of the world. Not only is the horseshoe used my many as a talisman against the forces of the devil and against curses, but it is often thought to represent the power of the moon. Many women even wear this type of jewelry to protect their womb while pregnant—a tradition that has its roots in many Spanish and Italian cultures.

The Styles of the Horseshoe Necklace and Where to Find One

There are many different styles of the horseshoe necklace to choose from, and the horseshoe itself can be formed using a variety of different stones and settings. For the character Candace on Sex and the City, for example, the horseshoe was formed using an array of diamonds, and while that is certainly the most popular gemstone in the makeup of the horseshoe necklace it is also the most expensive and by no means the only option available. Horseshoe necklaces are often made using birthstone gems such as sapphires, rubies and amethyst, as well as diamond imitations such as cubic zirconium. Chains for the horseshoe necklace are usually made from white gold, yellow gold or sterling silver, but occasionally a more expensive metal such as platinum is used instead.

If you’re looking to pick up a Sex and the City inspired horseshoe necklace you should have very little trouble finding one. Fortunately the show has made these necklaces very popular and as a result, many jewelers have begun to carry this design as part of their collection, both in their stores and online. To find a dealer in your area that carries this necklace, check out your local jewelry store, department store or try searching for the piece online using search terms such as “horseshoe necklace and Sex and the City” or “Candace’s horseshoe necklace.

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