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The Instant Fisherman: A Portable Fishing System

The Instant Fisherman: A Portable Fishing System

For anyone who has an interest in fishing but isn’t sure where to start, or even for those with some experience, the Instant Fisherman is an all in one tool that makes fishing fun and easy. This portable, folding fishing kit contains everything you need to get out there and enjoy a day of fishing; with the Instant Fisherman you are good to go any time.

The Instant Fisherman is small enough to keep in your car in case the urge to go fishing should strike at any time. It is easy to transport and carry even if you are hiking to that perfect fishing spot. The Instant Fisherman is also lightweight and balance to ensure your cast is perfect every time. And although it is lightweight it is also strong and durable, and can handle any fish you might encounter no matter what the size or strength.

The Instant Fisherman also includes an assortment of lures, with over a hundred pieces for all your fishing needs. The sliding rod allows easy adjustments for all different types of fishing experiences. Along with your purchase of the Instant Fisherman, you will also receive a guide book to learning how to fish like a professional.

The Instant Fisherman is available through the official website or several other internet retailers, at a cost of about forty dollars plus shipping and handling. The Instant Fisherman website also has a special offer that allows you to get a second Instant Fisherman fishing rod and system for free when you pay the shipping and handling.

The Instant Fisherman is great for beginners as well as for a back up fishing rod to be kept in the trunk or carried along in case your regular rod has problems. Get started with fishing like a pro when you get the Instant Fisherman.

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