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The Jewish Car Donation Guide

The Jewish Car Donation Guide

There are a number of car donation charities out there, but if you prefer to located Jewish car donation charities you will find there are several to choose from. Donated cars are often parted out or fixed and sold in order to raise funds for charities. Jewish car donation choices ensure that your donated car and any funds proceeding from it will go to a Jewish charity to benefit the Jewish population.

One of the best known Jewish car donation charities is Kars 4 Kids. This is a charity that helps to provide programs and services for the underprivileged Jewish youth of the United States. Joy for Our Youth is the official charity served by this Jewish car donation service. The program assists children who are considered to be at risk of social and behavioral problems without intervention, providing education, clothing, food and toys to Jewish children in need. This charity has been around since 2000 and is trusted and respected in the community.

Another Jewish car donation charity to consider is Chabad Car, which is also a charity working to help Jewish youth in crisis. Both Jewish car donation charities are registered charities, and your donation of a car will be tax deductible. They also offer a free two night hotel stay in order to thank those who donate for providing hope for Jewish children through their donation.

Many Jewish car donation services will arrange to pick up the car from you and tow it away, which is often necessary as donated cares are generally not running or not insured. Any car can be donated, whether it is running or not, it can still make a difference to the charity and the people they serve. If you have a car that is sitting in your driveway or garage and not being used, consider, donating it. It’s simpler than selling and much more rewarding. Donating a car you don’t need and that isn’t worth anything to you is a small thing to do; that car can mean a lot to the children who are served by Jewish car donation charities.

Choosing a Jewish car donation charity from among the many possible places where you could donate your car allows you to select a charity that helps Jewish people; in many cases children. For those who are looking for a way to support the Jewish people who are in need, this is a great way to make a difference. Car donation costs nothing and brings back much in the way of not just a tax deduction, but the good feeling of having helped someone in need.

To find a Jewish car donation charity near you, a quick search on the internet should be all you need. Many of the charities that are in existence have branches in numerous cities and you should be able to get a local pick up for your car. Jewish car donation charities let you get an old car off your hands while making a difference for people who need help.

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