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The Job Description of a Medical Billing Clerk

The Job Description of a Medical Billing Clerk

In the field of health care, the Medical Billing Clerk has an important position. A Medical Billing Clerk handles the filing and entering of billing for patients into a computer system and ensures that everything is accurate. They also verify coverage with insurance companies and send out the bills to the necessary locations. A Medical Billing Clerk requires an understanding of the often complicated world of health insurance and medical costs, including the coding required to properly bill for services.

A Medical Billing Clerk can work in a variety of locations such as medical offices and clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, long term care facilities, hospices and many other possible offices where medical bills are processed. The position of Medical Billing Clerk is an important one in the field as it ensures that all billing goes smoothly and the right amounts are billed to each responsible party.

The Medical Billing Clerk may have some patient contact when a question or concern is raised regarding a bill. This means that they need to have interpersonal skills as well as excellent analytical and mathematical skills. Often patients who find themselves in contact with a Medical Billing Clerk or anyone in the billing office of a hospital or clinic are frustrated and can be difficult to communicate with, so patience is another needed skill. Correcting errors and ensuring bills are correct is a big part of the position.

The Medical Billing Clerk position requires an education in medical billing and procedures, which can usually be obtained from a career or community college. It is a relatively stable position with a good opportunity for income, and many available jobs. A career as a Medical Billing Clerk is a good choice for anyone who loves the challenge of dealing with complex systems and procedures as well as providing excellent patient care and customer service.

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