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The Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder Guide

The Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder Guide

For anyone who is serious about the freshest and best tasting coffee, the Kitchenaid coffee grinder is a great choice. Grinding your own coffee beans is the best way to ensure that every cup of coffee you drink is the freshest it possibly can be. A Kitchenaid coffee grinder will deliver excellent coffee grinding performance, from one of the biggest names in kitchen appliances and tools in the business today.

When it comes to choosing the right Kitchenaid coffee grinder for your needs, there are a couple of things to consider. The first is of course your budget. There are two choices available in the Kitchenaid coffee grinder product list, one of them being considerably more affordable than the other. The second consideration is how much coffee you plan to grind and the level of performance you need from a coffee grinder.

The basic Kitchenaid coffee grinder is priced at $39.99 by the manufacturer, although other retail locations may vary in their price. This model is a simple coffee grinder with a stainless steel blade and a 160 watt motor. It offers simple fingertip control and has a bowl capacity of four ounces. If you need to grind small amounts of coffee at a time and don’t need a lot of power, this Kitchenaid coffee grinder is probably a great choice for you.

The higher end model is the ProLine Series Burr Grinder, which comes in at a hefty $199.99 MSRP, considerably higher than the basic model. This Kitchenaid coffee grinder is designed for serious coffee aficionados and features a die cast metal build with stainless steel burr blades. It has 15 different grind settings that allow you to perfectly select the grin you want for your coffee every time. It includes a glass hopper for holding the coffee beans as well as a glass bin to catch the ground coffee after it passes through the machine.

Both models of Kitchenaid coffee grinder are backed by the Kitchenaid name and promise of high quality and efficient operation. Kitchenaid got to be the biggest name in kitchen appliances by building excellent tools for cooks, and the coffee grinder models are no different. The two coffee grinders are both good models, but the ProLine model offers a great deal more features. Your personal coffee grinding habits will determine which option is the one for you, along with your budget of course.

Every Kitchenaid coffee grinder is designed to work perfectly with the line of Kitchenaid coffee makers, as well as with any other coffee maker you own and use. They are both easy to clean and simple to operate and will deliver fresh ground coffee that tastes and smells better than pre-ground ever could. Whichever Kitchenaid coffee grinder you wind up decided is right for you, you are guaranteed the best tasting coffee you have ever had.

You can purchase a Kitchenaid coffee grinder directly from the manufacturer or at many different kitchen and general retailers both locally and over the internet as well.

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