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The Leadership Skills List for Managers

The Leadership Skills List for Managers

If the people who have been the most successful at leading others made a leadership skills list outlining everything that is most important in a leader, what would be on it? There are a few basic and straightforward items that should make anyone’s leadership skills list, and while some of them may seem obvious, it is always a good reminder to see what good leaders should be focusing on. Stick to this simple leadership skills list to ensure you are on the right track as a manager or leader.

First on any leadership skills list has to be the ability to listen. Leaders who fail to listen to the complaints, concerns, and questions of their employees are doomed to make repeated mistakes; worse, they are doomed to have unhappy people working for them. If you don’t think that the people who work for you have good, valid ideas and things to say, then you probably shouldn’t have hired them. Learn to listen and you will learn a great tool for your leadership skills list.

The second important skill on a leadership skills list is the ability to inspire confidence. People who know they are working for a capable and efficient manager are more likely to be capable and efficient themselves. When they believe you know what you are doing, they will respect you more and respond better to your leadership.

Another important thing that should be on every leadership skills list is the ability to recognize and reward the efforts and successes of employees. When you show that you appreciate their work and never take the credit for what someone else has done, you will again earn respect and inspire employees to want to work harder and do better. After all, everyone wants to be recognized for what they do, and good leaders know this and make it a priority to give credit where credit is due.

No leadership skills list would be complete without the important skill of delegation. It’s important for any manager or leader to know how to successfully delegate assignment and ensure that the tasks are being assigned to the people most capable of handling them. It’s also important to challenge employees by allowing them to take on tasks they have not tried before. Learning and growing are an important part of every job, and a successful manager will delegate responsibility in such a way that no employee feels undervalued or stagnant.

Finally, no leadership skills list can be ended without a mention of fairness. This means that you should always remain objective and deal with conflicts patiently and without prejudice. If you must handle a conflict between two employees, it is important never to take sides and to always render a verdict on the situation with fairness. IF you don’t feel you can handle the situation fairly, ask a superior to step in.

This simple leadership skills list will make you a better manager, and also make sure that the people who work for you do their job better – and are happier too.

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