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The Lucite Coffee Table Guide

The Lucite Coffee Table Guide

Despite its very modern appearance, Lucite is not a new addition to the furniture industry. Found also in the fashion and home décor markets, Lucite has actually been around for decades, and some of the most sought after pieces are not, in fact, new, but rather vintage antiques from the mid-1900’s. The sleek appearance of Lucite coffee tables make them stand out, but what truly appeals to most people is the way that they visually expand the space. Since Lucite coffee tables are clear or merely tinted, they provide the functionality of the coffee tables, without the appearing to subtract space.

Lucite coffee tables, as previously mentioned, have been around for many decades. The retail market got it’s first glimpse of Lucite in 1933 when it was introduced by the multi-national chemicals manufacturers, Rohm and Haas Co. and has maintained a respectable share of the furniture and décor market ever since. If you’re shopping for a Lucite coffee table, it will be helpful to note that Lucite goes by many other names. In the market it is often referred to as Plexiglas, Acrylic, Acrylic Glass, or a number of other names. These all refer to the same versatile synthetic polymer composed using Methyl Methacrylate, but are simply called something different depending on the manufacturer.

Lucite Coffee Table Styles

The great thing about Lucite coffee tables is that they can be found in just about any style imaginable, and can even be custom made to suit your exact needs or tastes. From the wide, curved, ornate designs of the Victorian era, to the hip minimalist styles many attribute to the 60’s and 70’s, to the more classic or industrial looks find today, there is a Lucite coffee table for everyone. Many interior designers and decorators feel a room is not complete without a small accent of Lucite. The sharp modernity afforded by incorporating Lucite into more heavy, or traditional pieces functions as a way to level out or balance a room that might otherwise be too bold or congested. Many people have taken nesting Lucite tables and turned them into coffee tables by placing the large and medium sizes next to each other, and nesting the small table inside the large table to function as storage for coffee table books. While a Lucite coffee table is a great way to incorporate this style into your living space, you can find Lucite in the form of end tables, accent chairs, lamps, and numerous other pieces.

Alternatives to Lucite Coffee Tables

For a long time, Lucite coffee tables have stood out from the competition, which has further allowed them to maintain their share of the market and do so for a very long period of time. The closest competitor to Lucite tends to be plastic, and this is often the case in less expensive markets where price trumps quality. Plastic stains easily and is generally significantly less durable and scratch resistant, making it a poor alternative if you can afford a true Lucite coffee table. There are also similar styles of tables available in glass but these are equally less durable, far heavier, and offer a great deal less variety when it comes to available styles. Lucite coffee tables can be molded to mimic any existing coffee table, while glass is far more limited in that respect and glass will shatter under pressure or impact, whereas a Lucite coffee table will not. Furthermore, glass coffee tables tend to have a green ring at the edge, whereas a Lucite coffee table will be crystal clear from all angles. In addition to these great qualities, and the ease of maintenance that comes with cleaning a smooth surface, Lucite coffee tables are also UV resistant, and won’t fade, warp, or fade if exposed to moderate heat or direct sunlight.

Obviously there are a number of reasons that many people find Lucite coffee tables an appealing choice. With it’s long legacy of being the perfect material for accent pieces, Lucite will surely maintain it’s popularity for many years to come. So, whether you want to add a conversation piece to your living room, or balance out the existing heavy mahogany décor of your den, the simplicity and versatility afforded by Lucite coffee tables makes it a fashionable, functional alternative to it’s competitors.

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