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The Lucite Table Guide

The Lucite Table Guide

Due to it’s many unique qualities and features, Lucite is quickly becoming a material that is widely used in not only the décor and fashion industries, but has also taken quite a hold on the modern furniture market as well. This is especially true when it comes to Lucite tables. People find that the clean lines, sleek look, low maintenance qualities, and affordability of Lucite make it a worthy investment. If you’re in the market for Lucite tables or other Lucite furniture, you’ll be pleased to discover the wide assortment of modern and contemporary options you have to choose from.

Lucite was first introduced to the retail market 1933 by Rohm and Haas Company, and has found it’s place in many homes ever since. Lucite is actually a synthetic polymer composed of methyl methacrylate, though you may have heard it called Acrylic, Plexiglas, or any number of other trade names. Lucite is an extremely versatile material that can be molded and crafted to imitate

Lucite Table Styles

Lucite tables can be found in just about any style of furniture you can recall, from those elegant Victorian vanities of previous eras, to the smooth pop-art pieces found in stylish bachelor pads of the 60’s. While Lucite tables are available from decades past, the modern furniture market has brought Lucite tables into the future with a wild comeback. Interior designers and decorators have found that Lucite tables and chairs can bring balance to rooms that seem too rich with gaudy fabrics or too heavy with solid Oak or Mahogany pieces. The versatility of Lucite tables is what makes them timeless. While some might think of Lucite tables and think of a scene from the popular cartoon, The Jetsons, Lucite’s popularity extends back to centuries past, and has seen many revivals since it’s introduction. The elegance and adaptability is not limited to abstract pieces, but instead can be found in any shape or color imaginable.

A Comparison of Materials

While there are other materials on the market used to make tables that might appear similar to Lucite tables, Lucite actually has many great properties that set it apart from it’s competition. One similar material you’ll see that is used to make tables similar to Lucite tables is plastic. However, the durability of plastic, unless it is of extremely high quality, and almost appallingly thick, doesn’t compare to that of Lucite. The same can be said for glass tables, though Lucite might not hold up against small scratches as well as glass will. Further, unlike the typically green-edged plate glass, Lucite is crystal clear, right down to it’s edge. Lucite tables provide stunningly beautiful quality, and light, shatter-resistant durability. Another competitor for Lucite tables is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate might be extremely strong, but in most cases, Lucite holds up plenty well for most situations. The price difference between polycarbonate and Lucite is also pretty drastic. Lucite tables are a much more affordable investment. Lucite is also fire retardant and UV resistant, meaning that beautiful clear or sleek black look won’t warp, fade, or discolor with exposure to sunlight or moderate heat.

Where to Find Great Deals

Because Lucite tables have been around for decades, it’s not uncommon to find great deals on vintage Lucite tables at tag sales and flea markets. Antique stores and consignment shops that specialize in furniture will likely have a much better selection of Lucite tables from a variety of eras. Another great place to look is Ebay, and other online auction websites. While you might have to outbid collectors, you may also find some great deals on Lucite tables as well. For new Lucite tables, you needn’t look any further than a contemporary furniture gallery. In fact, Lucite has become so popular that Lucite tables can even be found at large retailers like Overstock.com and Pottery Barn.

So if you’re in the market for a unique table to add a point of interest in your home, or to unite a room filled with stunning antiques and more modern day pieces, Lucite tables are the perfect option. With their affordability, endless assortment of styles and colors, and timeless beauty, Lucite is sure to be fashionable for years to come.

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