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The Magnetic Necklace Clasp: A Great Replacement for Other Necklace Clasps

The Magnetic Necklace Clasp: A Great Replacement for Other Necklace Clasps

Have you ever owned a necklace that was very difficult to clasp—so difficult, in fact, that you even refrained from wearing it at times because it was just too much of a hassle to get the darn thing on?  Have you ever wished there was another way?  If so, someone must have been listening because an “easier way” is just what the manufacturers of the magnetic necklace clasp promise to deliver.  In this article we will provide some very basic information about the magnetic necklace clasp, including how it works and where you can find one to purchase for your necklace(s).

What Exactly Is a Magnetic Necklace Clasp?

As you know, certain necklaces can be very difficult to get fastened.  The process requires you to hold the loop end with one hand while trying to open the clasp end and guide it to the loop—all of this behind your back.  It can be frustrating at best and absolutely maddening at worse, and unless you have someone present to lend a helping hand this process can double or triple your accessorizing time, creating a general hassle and maybe even causing you to be late.  If you’ve experienced this (and what woman hasn’t?) the magnetic necklace clasp may be the answer to your prayers.

The magnetic necklace clasp consists of two oppositely charged magnets that conveniently slip over the two ends of your necklace.  The magnets are either colored gold or silver to match whatever type of necklace you’re wearing and will click together whenever the two magnets are in proximity to each other.  Once they do this, all you need to do is twist the ends to lock the magnets into place and you’re ready to go.  It really is that easy.  Never again will you have to shy away from a piece of jewelry merely because it’s too difficult to fasten or because you’re afraid it may fall off during the course of the evening.  With a magnetic necklace clasp getting ready is as easy as a “click and a twist” and your precious jewelry will be more secure than ever.

Besides making your preparation and accessorizing time faster and easier, the magnetic necklace clasp is also beneficial for women with long fingernails and for those with arthritis or other medical problems which make putting jewelry on a very difficult task.

Where to Find the Magnetic Necklace Clasp

While the magnetic necklace clasp is quickly becoming a very popular item, many stores have yet to stock to them in their regular inventory, so if you’re trying to find a physical location that carries the clasp you may find it rather difficult.  Instead, try searching online using the search terms “magnetic necklace clasp” and you’ll undoubtedly turn up a number of different results.

Note:  One thing to keep in mind before ordering the magnetic necklace clasp is that it will add a bit of length to your necklace—something to keep in mind before making your final order.

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