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The Mitsubishi Pickup Truck Guide

The Mitsubishi Pickup Truck Guide

Mitsubishi Motors has been manufacturing cars since 1917 when it introduced Japan’s first series production car.  Since that time they have added a number of models to their lineup including buses and the Mitsubishi pickup truck, which has had a long and interesting history in production.  The Mitsubishi pick up truck continues to be produced today and has managed to be competitive with the bigger American brands.

The first Mitsubishi pickup truck to reach America was interestingly enough sold not as a Mitsubishi but as a Dodge Ram 50 or a Plymouth Arrow.  From 1979 through 1983 Chrysler sold this truck rebadged under the Dodge and Plymouth names.  The need for a more fuel efficient, smaller pickup in the market was growing and Chrysler imported the Mitsubishi pickup truck and sold it as a Dodge.  In 1982, the Mitsubishi Mighty Max, which was the name of the truck sold under the Dodge label, hit the American market under its own name.  As of the 1983 production year, Chrysler removed the Mitsubishi pick up truck from its lineup.

Mitsubishi continued to market the Mighty Max in the United States for many years and it was a successful light duty pickup truck.  It was later replaced by other Mitsubishi pickup truck models.  Today the Mitsubishi Triton is the model that has taken over the Might Max’s place in the Mitsubishi motors lineup.  The truck sells well as the market has started to trend once more towards smaller and more fuel efficient trucks that can handle everyday duties for the average person.  

The Triton is the fourth generation of Mitsubishi pickup truck and was launched in 2005.  The truck is built in Thailand at the Mitsubishi factory located there.  The current model is sold in 140 worldwide markets and had sales near 3 million in the first three production years.

Mitsubishi pickup trucks over the years have had a number of different names, some of which were accurate and others a mixing of the actual names.  These names are Mitsubishi Forte, which was the original name in Japan, as well as the L200, L200 Triton, Storm, Strada, Warrior, Magnum, Colt Bakkie and Sportero.  All of these were light duty trucks, and although Mitsubishi does build larger commercially used vehicles they have not ventured into the private heavy duty truck market to date.

There are plenty of Mitsubishi pickup truck models available for sale on the used today, making it relatively easy to locate one.  the older models are somewhat harder to find due to smaller production numbers and of course age, but anyone seeking a light duty truck will have no trouble finding a Mitsubishi pick up truck.  They are also some of the most affordable used trucks on the road today, although parts for them can be a little more difficult to find than for similar American and other Japanese truck models.  The trucks remain a fuel efficient and readily available, affordable choice for those who need a light duty truck to take care of towing, hauling and regular activities around the home.

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