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The Necchi Sewing Machine: A History of Quality

The Necchi Sewing Machine: A History of Quality

The Necchi sewing machine has been a popular choice among those in the know for a long time. With a long history and a strong reputation, Necchi has made some of the best home sewing machines around since the early 20th century. A Necchi sewing machine guarantees durability and a long lifespan, which many believe justifies the cost of the machines. While you will certainly pay top dollar for your Necchi sewing machine, it will last you a long time and both experts and novices will find it an excellent choice.

The History of Necchi

An Italian company, Necchi started producing home sewing machines around the time of the First World War. The Necchi sewing machine was designed to be both aesthetically appealing as well as very functional, and had very curvy lines. The company quickly became known for using attractive women to advertise their sewing machines; a 1950’s advertisement featured actress Sophia Lauren posing with a Necchi Sewing machine. As Necchi machines started to become available around the world, they quickly became favorites of seamstresses from all over. Having a Necchi sewing machine was both a sign of sewing knowledge and a status symbol, as the machines were expensive.

Technology and the Necchi Sewing Machine

Since its inception, Necchi has been on the cutting edge of sewing machine technology. A Necchi sewing machine has always been guaranteed to offer the latest and greatest features. Necchi models pioneered some of the biggest advancements in sewing, while maintain the curved look that actually won a Necchi sewing machine, the Mirella model, a permanent place in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York.

As technology advanced, the Necchi sewing machine followed suit. Today’s models use the top computer technology to keep Necchi at the head of the pack. Today the company continues to keep on top of trends and changes, and the Necchi sewing machine is likely to stay a top choice.

Current Necchi Models

Today there are a number of choices for anyone looking to buy a Necchi sewing machine. From the low end 3100 series to the pricey but versatile Omega line, the Necchi sewing machine line up offers something for everyone. They offer both mechanical as well as computerized models to meet all modern sewing needs. Today’s Necchi sewing machine continues the company’s history of using quality parts including durable metal parts and top quality materials throughout.

Necchi offers a 25 year warranty on every Necchi sewing machine they make, which makes it a good investment with a solid guarantee behind it. Those who have one are usually strong proponents of the brand, and the company still earns new fans every day. With their long history of making great sewing machines, this is a company that is here to stay.

A Necchi sewing machine is the perfect choice for any level of sewing skill, and with the wide variety of models in the current line, you should have no difficulty locating the Necchi sewing machine that is the right one for your sewing needs.

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