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The Occupational Therapist Salary Guide

The Occupational Therapist Salary Guide

The range for an Occupational Therapist salary can vary greatly from state to state as well as depending on the type of practice in which you work. Occupational Therapists may work in hospitals, clinics or a private practice and these things can affect the salary. The Occupational Therapist salary range generally starts at around $60,000 per year, and from there can rise and vary greatly.

If you live in a state where salaries are generally higher, you can expect to make a little more even at entry level. The median Occupational Therapist salary in the United States is about $72,000, but in some areas the expected salary can be considerably higher, especially for an experienced Occupational Therapist working in a medical environment.

An Occupational Therapist generally holds a Bachelor’s Degree and has completed a certification in the area of occupational therapy. These jobs can range from working with children on developmental skills to working with adults trying to regain physical skills after an accident; this work is often done in concurrence with a physical therapist’s help. The Occupational Therapist helps people to perform everyday tasks. The Occupational Therapist salary reflects the high degree of skill and specialization as well as the time and effort put into education and training to achieve certification.

Occupational Therapist salary information based on your state can be easily found online. If you are considering a career as an Occupational Therapist, it’s a good idea to consider the salary range and decide if it’s right for you. Another great way to determine the general Occupational Therapist salary expectations in your area is to look at job listings and see what the pay range being offered is. Occupational Therapists are generally well paid and enjoy a good standard of living as well as the benefits of having a highly educated position in the medical field.

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